We’re “Trying” To Do Live Trivia Games Again, But…

We’ve managed to play in two “live” trivia games over the past three weeks or so. Which for my husband and I, has almost felt like climbing Mount Everest! Except the whole having to step carefully to avoid stepping on corpses or tripping over discarded oxygen canisters. Did you know Mount Everest is essentially a huge toilet, graveyard and garbage dump – all rolled into one bucket list item? Yeah, it’s pretty gross – in addition to the 200 or so corpses of others who have attempted – and failed – to successfully ascend – or descend – the world’s highest peak. It’s also a dumping ground for trash left behind by countless previous expeditions and…previous dumps. There are no toilets on the mountain – BECAUSE IT IS A HUGE TOILET! Sir Edmund Hillary’s and Tenzing Norgay’s previous poops have to be on there someplace! Maybe someday we can get drones out there to clean up the giant trash heap, but then they’d all gain sentience – decide that they don’t want the thankless job – and revert to crush/kill/destroy evil robot mode, and our planet would be overrun by service drones. We’ve all seen that sci-fi movie or TV show plot, haven’t we? Here’s a taste from The Simpsons:

Sigh, as always…I digress! More importantly, getting out for trivia games again has had its challenges. My work schedule is lightening up, so that challenge is not so great anymore. But, my husband’s inflammation issues are dictating we choose bars that have more joint-friendly beverage options than beer. OK! But…he also wants to not be annoyed by hosts opining politically on the mic, calling out other bar patrons on the mic and being overly drunk on the mic. Neither of us wants to play in spots that are filled to capacity, either. Or pay for parking, or, or…

We’re thinking about giving another local place a chance – a place we haven’t visited for trivia since before the plague.

In the meantime, the virtual games will still continue. I’ll have a recap of a particularly horrible recent virtual game posted soon!

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