Happy New Year’s Eve, Everyone!

Thanks to all of you who continue to visit this pointless blog site! I’m proud to be a provider of toilet reading material, or reading material to help cure those pesky cases of insomnia! For whatever reasons you choose to visit this site, know that I love each and every one of you! Here’s a New Year’s Eve photo from a couple of years ago, when the bars in my area were all closed – and my husband and I decided to go outside and ring in the new year on our deck:

What a wacky and wild thing this pandemic has been, right? It’s certainly not something any of us survivors will ever forget. Maybe there’s not much hope for 2023 being any better than any other year preceding it, but (deep breath) – JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR IS COMING TO DETROIT! If anyone wants to know what to buy me for my birthday, I’ll gladly take cheap seats! JK, JK! Just keep reading my pointless blogs, you don’t need to buy me anything!

In other news, I have a new tablet now, I will be activating it on New Year’s Day (I had to buy an adapter so that it can talk to the old one, since using the app was not a possibility). The new hotness is bigger than my old one, and maybe it will actually scan QR codes, and it will probably get a purple cover similar to my old one (I like purple)!

In other local news, I guess they’re doing a ball dropping thing in my town tonight, which part of me says “Hey, how exciting – a public New Year’s Eve party! And the other part of me says…”I really, really hope that a fight doesn’t break out and nobody gets shot.”

I don’t have any wild ‘n crazy plans this evening, but I’ll be heading out the door soon, so…again, Happy New Year, everyone!

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