Could 2023 Bring New Trivia Habits?

So what’s going on with the ‘Pods trivia team? Big things, as of late! We recently played the fourth “live” trivia game that we’ve played since before the global pandemic was thrust upon the globe. We’ve played mostly virtual trivia games since that time, venturing out for “real” games only minimally. We even did a creepy teaser about it on social media:

It’s been baby steps for us for sure! But we think we might almost be ready for our “big kid” trivia pants! Tournaments, however – might just be a thing of the past (I say that now)!

Here’s a little roundup of those four live games:

June, 2020, live game #1: We went out for a live trivia game hosted entirely outdoors. We had a good time, won some prize money, but never went back, mainly because of road construction.

July, 2021, live game #2: We went to a local pub and played an indoor game, mainly because we were out of drinks at home! Both of us were coming off of a pretty rotten day involving walking to a car repair shop – in a driving rainstorm! Also, apparently at least one of us wasn’t quite ready for indoor trivia yet, since I kind of told another player to “Go f— yourself.” He had come over to my table while my husband wasn’t there, and I was very much on edge – and even felt threatened (personal space wise) – cornered. And reacted like a cornered rat with a mouth like someone in a Scorsese film. Because of this, we held off from the live trivia just a bit longer! I wanted to be sure I was ready to be in a room with other humans!

November, 2021, live game #3: It was the day before Thanksgiving, and my husband and I met with one other player for a round of trivia at a local watering hole (a place we used to play very regularly). The game itself went great – even a friendly rival team gave one of their prize gift cards to us (the warm fuzzies) – and we won a prize on our own, too. The only bad thing was that the third player told me he’d been exposed to COVID and said I should take a test. So that made us even more nervous about going out for a live game again!

April, 2022, live game #4 (that didn’t actually happen): My husband and I went to a bar for a trivia night that we later found out was canceled.

December, 2022, live game #4: Played at a “small town” favorite trivia spot (who doesn’t love free parking and a nice country drive) and had a “pretty” decent time! Didn’t much care for the host, but decided we just might give it another go when work schedules and weather permits! We were particularly amused when we watched another player take a bar seat away from another patron! Turns out that other bar patron who had his seat stolen was a guy whom we used to play trivia with for a minute – but had a falling out with years ago and haven’t talked to him since. Some sins involving trivia cannot be forgiven…Clearly that’s a sign that we need to get out more and be entertained by something besides yet another Taylor Sheridan TV series! One can only dream of having a life as exciting as John Dutton’s! And a house as awesome as the one on “Yellowstone!”

While our lives certainly haven’t been as adventurous as those in the 1883 Taylor Sheridan series on the Paramount Streaming Service or other series of his that you can’t watch on that service, it’s really been an adventure for us getting back out to socializing with other humans again. We weren’t even that social before the plague! But we hope to incorporate some “live” trivia games into our routine in the coming year! Watch out, other teams (LOL not really)! We’re coming for you – and the beer money! Uh, maybe!

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