My Work Schedule Calms Down Soon – Does This Mean A “Live” Trivia Game Might Happen?

My work schedule in the week leading up to Christmas will be a lot more relaxed, so…here’s an image of someone deep in thought about things not at all related to pub trivia games:

Michael Corleone, pictured above played by Al Pacino – is probably thinking about who he has to have his crew kill next. Or maybe he’s thinking about how that cigarette he’s smashing into the ash tray is his last one, and who is he going to ask to go out and get him more of them, or maybe he’s trying to figure out how to solve that pesky Fredo problem. Here’s a meme I made about a man having to kill his brother – and the 2020 election results:

Me? My thoughts are hardly in line with those in charge of a crime family! Though there are those new hires at work I’ve been forced to babysit (grrrr)! I’ve been thinking about going out for a “live” trivia game for quite some time now – but because my work schedule has been so hectic the past few months, it just hasn’t worked out that way. As long as weather cooperates…I may just be going out to trivia in a place I haven’t visited since 2019!

But…I’ve been down this road before. Getting back into doing some of the things we did in the long, long ago has undoubtedly been a challenge – and sometimes even a struggle. So all I can say is what your mom would say when you asked if you could have one of the cookies she took out of the oven and just left lying helplessly on the baking sheet:

We’ll see, honey!

classic noncommittal mom answer

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