Today I Hosted My Very Own Strongman Competition!

Another chaos-filled day at the office today. We’re severely understaffed, do not have the best manager at the helm right now, and to make matters worse, we have “outside” people in my workplace installing light bulbs. It’s worse than it sounds – this overhaul is happening at the busiest time – and the workers are…making more work for the rest of us (which means we have to clean up after them).

Ya know how the road to Hell is paved with good intentions? Well, some of these “good intended” folks thought it would be a good idea to put their discarded cardboard in the cardboard baler. Without making sure the cardboard pieces actually fit inside the baler. So not only did they overfill the thing (meaning I had to take some pieces of cardboard out), but once I got the level down to a reasonable one – the darn bale (weighing hundreds of pounds) wouldn’t come loose from the baler. I was hoping gravity would kick in, but…it did not. I tugged at it, and it wouldn’t budge. So I got on my walkie-talkie and put out an SOS for help, which would arrive about 10 minutes later.

Turns out my helper – whom is about 10 years older than me – couldn’t help get the darn bale out, either. So we thought of whom in our workplace would be the strongest person for the task…our answer? The head janitor, of course!

He arrived to not only help loosen the bale out – but also finagle it onto a pallet when it went awry. I joked that I was just putting on my own “strong man” competition! Keep in mind he’s an outside contractor and doesn’t even work for the company. He didn’t care about any of that, he said was happy to help us out. Warm fuzzies don’t happen very much at work these days!

Proof that I really do need to be working in a circus! Step right up and witness the chaos that is my workplace!

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