The Best Season of the Year Begins! Yay!

To the tune of “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” rewritten by Mike Robinson.

Some people love summer. Meh, overrated…usually it’s so damn hot outside you’re just stuck inside in air conditioning – or sweating more than James Coco in a steam bath. Is this the second time I’ve referenced actor James Coco in a blog? Who’s counting! Don’t get me started on biting insects, public spaces overrun by kids and fighting a losing battle keeping cold beverages cold. What’s so great about summer?

My runner up for favorite season is spring, also because of its cooler weather and (usually) a lack of biting insects. Winter I can take or leave – I’d much rather bundle up in layers to keep warm than be sweating in a tank top and shorts and slapping mosquitoes. Winter is…doable! We’ve done plenty of winter cabin trips – most recently in January, 2022 when we used an indoor/outdoor fireplace log, firestarters made out of pure petroleum and long fireplace matches to enable us to get a good blaze going in seconds. Those little toe/hand warmer packets you can put in your gloves/boots are absolute baller when it’s cold – I’d highly recommend! And can’t a snowy landscape be kind of pretty?

Yes, I’m a “Fall Gal” through and through! Not because I love pumpkin spiced stuff (bleah), but because weather is gloriously brisk, trees are starting to get their colors, home football game traffic means sitting in my car more in my commute after work (you know I’m definitely pulling all y’all’s legs here) and….PUMPKINS!

Why am I only just now learning that you can get a battery powered pumpkin carver? I MUST get one! Usually I just use whatever kitchen knife I have on hand and do the rustic triangles thing.

Our pumpkin from 2021 had a nose! Yeah, my carving skills aren’t on par with Edward Scissorhands (sigh)!

I’m looking forward to being able to up my carving game – or better yet – put the powered battery carving thingie in the hands of my husband whom is much, much more artistic than I am! Sadly because we are both older, it will come down to whose hands are feeling less arthritic on the day we want to gut and carve our gourd (it will probably be me).

Read on to see how the Harley Davidson hat I’m wearing in this photo ties in with the plot of this pointless blog…

This photo is from a trivia tourney in 2017 in which the festivities had to start late because of a horrific car accident on a local interstate highway in which a semi truck slammed into cars that were not moving. I’d never seen so many wreckers in one place.

Halloween is extra special for my husband and I this year because it will be the 30th anniversary of when we met each other. And you guessed it – we met at a Halloween party! I arrived late because I had to come after my work shift (closing at a grocery store) – and drive about 90 minutes to get to the party – and I saw an empty folding chair next to a long-haired guy wearing ghoulish makeup, fake vampire teeth and a trench coat. The rest – as they say – is history. I was wearing a slutty black dress that zipped all the way in the front and just barely covered my ass – a leather Harley Davidson cap and black booties with dog chains that my dad soldered to help complete the look. Also my dad’s old leather motorcycle jacket. For inquiring minds, nope – I will not be wearing that costume for our 30th anniversary! Though I guess I could scrounge up the hat and wear my own leather jacket!

We’ll be renting a rustic cabin for Halloween this year, just as we’ve done the past couple of years.

Why are you wasting precious fall time reading this blog? Go out and drink some spiked apple cider, visit an orchard, go for a hay ride or eat a dozen doughnuts in one sitting (you do you)! 🙂

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