Taking A (Very) Brief Hiatus From Blogging (June 12, 2022)

Hey folks. Just wanted to check in and say there is absolutely nothing wrong. Well, that’s a lie, there are plenty of things wrong with me! However, I will not be posting any real blogs or trivia recaps for at least a few days. I work the next three days, then I am off for a few days, so when those days off land, that’s when I’ll play catch up! There have been some…changes at work that I’m adjusting to, things are getting busy, and I’m pretty exhausted when I get home. Also, I’ve been working quite a lot of Saturdays. I meant to do a recap of last Friday’s game today, but meh…chores, errands, cooking – binge watching old episodes of MAD TV – AND actually going for a stationary bike ride? Yeah, well today got away from me! I really needed that bike ride to nowhere! When the Internets said it was a weight loss workout, they weren’t kidding! Whew! I definitely need to be doing more of those.

I will be playing a virtual game tonight and this coming Wednesday. Wednesday’s game will involve other humans! We’re trying to do “group” virtual games once a month. This light level of commitment seems to work well for the others, so why not?

Unless I have anything exciting to report in the next few days, this will be the last you’ll hear from me for just a bit! But I’ll be back…probably. As always…

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