What I Would Have Looked Like In Each Season of “Stranger Things”

“Stranger Things” has been hitting a bit TOO close to home for me! These kids (the main cast/younger ones) are the EXACT SAME age I was when this show is set!

On that note, behold what I would have looked had I been a character in this show (no apologies for blurriness, these are photos of photos):

1983 – Grade 5 (Season 1)

I was really into rainbows at this time or something…

1984 – Grade 6 (Season 2)

No wonder I was bullied during this school year (which I put a stop to at the end of the school year when the biggest mean girl attempted to pick a playground fight with me).

1985 – Grade 7 (Season 3)

The bullying may have stopped – well sort of – but the dorkiness was still in full swing!

1986 – Grade 8 (Season 4)

Sweater vest? What was I thinking?

1987 (1986-1987 school year) – Grade 9 (season 4 Part 2?)

The nuances of styling my hair with a perm were lost on me!

What will my Season 5 photo look like? I’ll update this blog when it airs!

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