This Baywatch Episode Is Making Me Lose My Mind!

Yes, it’s a bit late to the game, but my husband and I recently started watching the TV series “Baywatch.” Neither of us had ever watched it before. Why? Maybe because back in the 1990s, we were too obsessed with other TV shows – like “The Simpsons,” “The X-Files,” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Maybe we thought we were too “cool” to watch “Baywatch.” Yeah, hardly! For whatever reason, we just didn’t watch it.

Better late than never? We’re using the Amazon Prime streaming service to watch the series. Maybe we can’t get enough of “The Hoff?” We’re also watching old episodes of “Knight Rider” now, too. It seemed to be a natural transition – Hasselhoff in a Trans Am and Hasselhoff in swim trunks!

Let’s get back to the two-part episode “Tentacles,” shall we? Season 4, for inquiring minds… I just finished watching “Tentacles, Part I.” And I’m still shaking my head! I mean…are they serious about presenting this as a drama? A giant octopus that lives in a popular surfing area and steals…surfboards? Summer (Nicole Eggert) agonizing about not being able to decide between two interchangeable surfer “bros” (Brody – played by David Chavet and Slade, played by Kelly Slater). They look exactly as you’d picture “surfer bros” to look:

Do I even know which is which? Brody and Slade, a couple of “bimbros” on Baywatch. Gee, I don’t think I could choose just one, either (LOL)!

To add to the After School Special drama, poor Summer is dealing with the horrors of bulimia, which CJ (Pamela Anderson) is trying to counsel her through. The episode ends with Summer inviting her two “bimbros” to a bulimia counseling group. Are you thoroughly touched yet?

But I haven’t even gotten to the part that REALLY made me lose my mind! A subplot involving a prison inmate named “Brady” (more about that in a bit, it’s an important plot point) and his sweetheart on the outside. I was eyeballing his sweetheart, and I just KNEW she looked familiar. When I finally recognized her, I said “She was Hope on Days of Our Lives.”

Yes, I admit it. Back in the ’80s, I watched daytime – and nighttime – soap operas! It was mainly a way of bonding with my mom, but yup, I did that thing!

So of course I had to go the Internet to find out more. Yes, the woman I saw in the episode was indeed also Hope Brady (played by actress Kristian Alfonso).

Here, she’s forcing Mitch (David Hasselhoff) to perform surgery that will save her former clink-dwelling husband “Brady’s” life.

THEY TOTALLY DID THIS ON PURPOSE, didn’t they? By “they,” I mean the Baywatch producers! They named this guy “Brady” for a reason! And that’s because “Brady” – played by actor Peter Reckell – played a guy named “Bo Brady” on “Days of Our Lives” in the 1980s. They were kind of like a fictitious Brangelina.

An annoying soap opera power couple, ugh! Hope and Bo Brady on “Days of Our Lives.” They could only DREAM of being Luke and Laura!

Now allow me to get back to watching “Tentacles, Part 2!” Will the plot thicken? Will there be another scene with the surfboard stealing octopus? Will there be acting? And can Yasmine Bleeth say anything without sounding like she will break into tears any second?

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