I Have My “Rumpus Room” Back! Update On My Wayward Wi-Fi Adventures…Also A Live Trivia Update

Two or three weeks ago, my laptop suddenly decided that it and the two Wi-Fi networks we have (2.4g and 5g) were just not getting along. After tinkering with settings, sending smoke signals to the Great Technological Gods and burning sage – we decided to try a Wi-Fi extender from Amazon. It didn’t work. So we returned it and bought a different one from Best Buy that works with dual networks. we set it up today and by George, it works! I’m in my basement (which has an attached full bath with jet tub, a laundry room, dining table, board games galore, a mini fridge and an old school stereo with wired speakers). It’s been our haven during these plague driven times – and we’re insanely happy to have it back! Dang have I missed my “music room!”

This is a not very current photo of our basement. It’s since been filled with the things I mentioned earlier and has been painted. It could be used as a bedroom if necessary (many of my condo neighbors do use their basements as bedroom space).

In other news, we “might” go out for a real live trivia game on Wednesday! All I’ll say is that it’s a place not in our town, but not too far away – and it’s a place we’ve occasionally played in the past. It’s the day after our 25th wedding anniversary, and we thought it would be an appropriate way to celebrate it.

As always, plans are subject to change! But here’s hoping we get to do trivia battle against people in the same “real” room as us!

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