Meet My New “Pet!”

My husband and I went to lunch at a local Mexican restaurant today, and I was in the mood to have the meal just the way I liked it. So I ordered chicken fajitas in the regular size (not lunch sized since I really wanted leftovers), started off with an order of queso dip. The meal was exactly the way I wanted it! Kind of makes up for that Asian buffet debacle from last week, (which we will not speak of again).

But I had to add a little thing to the experience to make it “complete.” So when I spied those little vending machines by the door – you know the ones – with early 20th century low-tech sensibilities – just put in a quarter and turn the dial to get your goodies – I could not resist. Especially when I saw that the “prize” was a tiny alien in a bubble!

Behold my new “pet,” whom I have named “Roswell:”

What better event than a global pandemic to really make you appreciate “the little things?”

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