Trivia Recap – Game # 639 – February 16, 2022 – Virtual Stump! Format

It was an event as rare as a snowstorm in February! Wait, what…that’s not the phrase I’m looking for!

Snowstorms in February in Michigan are not unusual at all! View of today’s drive home.

What I meant to say is that what happened in our virtual Stump! trivia game Wednesday night was as rare as, as rare as…I know! A day warm enough to wear shorts in Michigan – in February!

Me at Brighton Recreation Area in February (yes February) 2017! February 18, to be exact – so tomorrow, only five years ago. You can clearly see Bishop Lake is still trying to be frozen.

So what was so unusual about the trivia game? We GOT FIRST PLACE! Yes, first place in a virtual game is not as great as it would be in a bar when you win prizes, but hey – I’ve had lots of disappointments over this past week, so anything that ISN’T disappointing – just seems all the more great! And we had an ’80s music final question. Can you say “triviagasm?” We were tied with two other teams for first and lost the tiebreaker at the end, but still, NOT THAT DISAPPOINTING!

Here were our questions:

Round One

1) TV Moments – The slang phrase “jumping the couch,” which refers to a moment when someone or something has “gone off the deep end,” originated with an incident that took place in 2005 on what TV talk show? Made right guess here, knew which silly celebrity did this not so sure about the talk show.

2) Courts – The United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, which covers Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, is based in what city? Made right guess again, woot! Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

This is exactly how I feel today! And I got to ride behind a salt/plow truck for a few miles on the freeway during a snowstorm, which made me yell “YES” excitedly in the car (pinnacle of adulting joy). The driver wasn’t going very fast, but I didn’t care!

3) Art – Jean-Michel Basquiat first achieved fame as part of the duo SAMO, which was known for what type of art? Mike with the right answer here.

4) Song Lyrics – What DC Comics superhero, who was first introduced in 1941, is referenced in the first verse of “One Week” by Barenaked Ladies? Pointless superhero…

Mystery One

M1. A small, icy object that orbits the Sun and has a long “tail” of gas and/or dust

M2. A chair with a hole in the seat and a pot underneath that is used as a toilet

M3. A restaurant or food store in a military base, prison, or other institution

M4. A prolonged state of deep unconsciousness, caused especially by injury or illness

Got all of these. And #4 actually sounds really appealing right now – just kind of go into a stasis and not deal with the world for a while (like until winter is over) – do I have to have some kind of traumatic injury to make this happen or can I just hit a switch or something (JK)!

Round Two

1) Writers – What writer, known for her 1990s plays The Way We Live Now and Alice in Bed, first became well known for her 1964 essay Notes on “Camp”? Miss. We put down Nora Ephron. Never heard of the correct person.

2) Kings – From 1714-1830, every king of Great Britain and Ireland used what regnal name?

3) Movie Words – The word “twitterpated,” which means to be lovestruck, was introduced in what Disney animated film, in which three animal characters say that it won’t happen to them? Mike the superhero here! He actually remembered this from when he saw this movie as a kid. He never fails to surprise me with the weird things he knows in trivia games!

4) Food – Succotash is a vegetable dish that primarily consists of two main ingredients. Name one of those two ingredients.

NERD POINT: Name both.

Got this for the points and the bonus – my mother used to make this. She seemed to think putting gross vegetables together meant that at least 10 percent of them or so would wind up getting chewed up and swallowed… Is there any possible way to make one of these succotash vegetables delicious? I’ll have to ask a “foodie.”

Mystery Two – Peanut Butter Quickfire

Other than Nutella and “store brand,” name the four most purchased peanut butter brands in the U.S. in 2020, according to the Simmons National Consumer Survey.

I came up with three good guesses right away, Mike hit a home run with guess #4 (he has eaten this brand before).

We were in first with 52 points going into the final, along with two other teams whom were tied with us.

Final Category: 1980s Songs

I joked to my husband, “If I miss this, you can divorce me.” He responded, “I’ll wager zero on this.” I said, “Talk about divorce!”

In the decade of the 1980s, three artists had a song with the word “dreams” in the title reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Name one of those three artists.

We wound up coming with two of the correct artists, we were the only team out of 12 putting down the song we chose. I thought of the song right away, but started questioning whether it was really THAT high charting, and Mike insisted, “I even liked that song – and it was all over the radio and on MTV.”

I doubt we’ll do as well in our next virtual game! But it’s nice to not suck once in a while (did I walk into a dirty joke)?

As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, King George III!

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