What’s Happening? February 2022, Edition

Not much!

I haven’t been up to much over the past month. I had a birthday last week, and just got around to finishing the yummy, yummy chocolate chip/mini M&M cookies my mom made (damn they were good)! I’ve been pretty lazy, though I did clean out underneath my stove – and lo and behold – I found that pesky casserole dish lid that was missing! How it got under there, I don’t know! Maybe some of the crumbs carried it off like little Army ants? I wouldn’t be surprised…

My husband and I are “gradually” starting to try getting “out” more. Checking out happy hours, and today we even took a WALK! Maybe walking through Ypsilanti’s Riverside Park was a bit of a mistake, since portions of it were like melting glaciers. I needed a new light bulb for our refrigerator, so we did a “walk with a purpose.” Parked a distance away, and trekked to our friendly Ace Hardware store. We even hit up our friendly local library and got some DVDs – and a BOOK! The book is called Women of Copper Country. So it’s probably about Yooper women or something? I guess I’ll find out (if it doesn’t bore me).

We’ve booked our 25th anniversary trip too! We’re renting a former ranger cabin at a state park. Which means a park ranger used to live in the building. It’s fully furnished, has three bedrooms, a bathroom with a shower, and a fire pit/grill out back. Should be fun! We’ll be doing our trip a bit before our actual anniversary, but I AM SO EXCITED THAT WE CAN DO A WALPURGIS NIGHT FIRE!

If weather allows. Yeah, about that. It hasn’t been “allowing” too many fun things lately. Like for us to invite a friend out on my birthday and sit by a fire. I was very bummed about that, especially since indoors it’s getting so crowded (especially on Friday nights), and we’re still being a bit cautious about meeting with others indoors. Someday we’ll be more comfortable with it, but that day isn’t here yet.

Well, I have a virtual game in a bit, so I’m going to call this a wrap. Does this make me sound like a bigshot film director?

One more thing…I watched a two-part show about the Oakland County child murders the other day. And I don’t know what I’m more disgusted with – the insidious child pornography ring that was going on – or the obvious incompetence and complicity of law enforcement. But that’s another blog topic altogether – if I ever get around to writing it!

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