Trivia Recap – October 27, 2021 – Virtual/Streaming

I suppose we were due for a not so great game. We’ve been on a bit of…not necessarily a hot streak in trivia (perish that thought), but let’s say a not so bad streak – and have been getting a lot of the final questions correct. But shall we rewind a bit? My Wednesday morning started off not so great…it was one of those days I actually wanted to take a “dumb day” from work. I just couldn’t seem to get my mental mojo together before work, and I even forgot my bandanna! Call it a short haired gal’s pony tail holder! So I improvised a headband thingie at work with my box cutter and and old T-shirt that I used to keep in my locker for emergencies (long story). Seeing as how this was a hair emergency, my makeshift headband worked just fine! Sure, I might have looked a bit like Little Steven from the E. Street Band (I’m a couple of inches taller than him and not even remotely Italian). If that’s too old of a pop culture reference, then sorry…I’ve got nothing else! Uh, Sylvio Dante from The Sopranos only with a headband? Still old? All right… if you haven’t watched the Netflix series Lilyhammer (SIC) yet, then doo eet (Little Steven is in it)! Total “fish out of water” premise with a former gangster being placed in the witness protection program in (you guessed it) Norway!

What’s important is that what started off as what I thought would be a “dumb day” ended with us doing pretty darn well on a mystery round about Leo in a Stump! virtual trivia game! Thank you brain for coming through for me on that mystery round!

We only wound up finishing in sixth for the night, but still – that mystery round though! Read on to see how we fared on some of the other questions (sadly not too well on some)!

Round One

1) Measures – A tachometer is an instrument that measures RPMs, where RPM stands for what? You say you want a (blank), well you know… Speaking of old pop culture reference, that’s a Beatles one!

2) Books – What two words complete the title of a 1928 volume of stories by author A.A. Milne? We thought of the right answer! Bad thing was we thought of it after we handed in a “no we don’t know it” answer (virtual trivia does not allow blanks).

3) Sports Awards – 3. What trophy is presented annually to the NHL team that finishes with the best record during the regular season? Strangely we got this one right (I think we might have had a similar question before).

4) World Leaders – From 2007-2015, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner served as the president of which South American country, becoming the second woman to do so and the first woman to be both directly elected and re-elected? Good guess, trivia pardner Mike!

Mystery One – 1990s Hits

M1. “That’s me in the corner; That’s me in the spotlight; _; Trying to keep up with you”

M2. “Gimme the microphone first, so I can bust like a bubble; Compton and Long Beach together, now you know you in trouble; Ain’t _, baby”

M3. “Come on, _; Let your body groove to the music; Hey, hey, hey”

M4. “Somehow the one that I needed; Would find me eventually; I had a _

Missed #2 and #4.

Round Two –

1) SCIENCE! – What nine-letter adjective can describe a type of tree, or the “baby teeth” of a mammal? We had no f—ing idea this word could be used to describe teeth. Miss.

2) Nicknames – Which East Coast U.S. state is nicknamed “The Constitution State,” although it was only fifth to ratify the U.S. Constitution?

NERD POINT: What is the most populous city in this state (city proper)?

Got this for both parts.

3) Sitcoms – According to the title of a short-lived Fox sitcom that aired from 2002-2003, what actor and late-night sidekick “controls the universe?” Usually we’re shite in this category, but we remembered this series…

4) Magazines – Focusing on food, wine, and recipes, what American magazine with a French-sounding name was published from 1941-2009? I think nearly all teams missed this (including us).

Mystery Round: Leo Roles in Order

For this mystery round, there are four answers and they must be placed in the correct order. You will receive two points for each answer that is in the correct spot 1-4.

Place the following real-life individuals in order, according to when they were portrayed in a film by Leonardo DiCaprio, beginning with the earliest film.

Frank Abagnale, Jr.
Jordan Belfort
Hugh Glass
Howard Hughes

I have a point with this meme, your honor, and I intend to make it!

I was three years off in guessing the release year for the Howard Hughes film, thankfully that didn’t throw us off. Got all of these (Hugh Glass was a total guess). Did anyone else think of “Hugh Jazz” in one of the prank call scenes to Moe’s on The Simpsons? Just us? 🙂

Final Category: Pollution

The Clean Air Act requires the EPA to set air quality standards for six common air pollutants, including ground-level ozone, particulate matter, and lead.

Name two of the other three common air pollutants, all of which are oxides.

Got this, but remained in sixth. Oh well, let’s see how we do in our next game! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Mariah Carey!

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