Trivia Recap – Twisted Titles Theme – Virtual/Streaming – October 12, 2021

We signed up for a theme Stump! virtual trivia game recently in the category of “Twisted Titles.” It’s a category my husband enjoys whenever it comes up, and it’s also a category he tends to do well in! What kind of wife would I be if I didn’t indulge him when this came up as a game option?

Interesting I mention the word “wife,” it will also be a part of one of the game’s answers!

We wound up finishing in first for the game, but only because we were in first going into the final, every team wagered full points on the final, and we ALL GOT IT WRONG. First place is first place, right?

1) Hit Songs – In a 2001 hit about his favorite laundry detergent, Nelly sang “Oh why do I live this way?” Name of a hit song with just ONE letter changed. Bad start for the game, miss.

This is how we felt trying to come up with that last answer!

2) Sports Stars – The quarterback for the New Orleans Saints has a vast collection of malt and hops at his home. Name of a sports star with just ONE letter changed. A couple of different answers were accepted for this one.

3) Book to Movie – A 2009 novel turned into the subtitle of a 2013 movie about the third Quarter Quell, in which everyone tunes in to see which inferno will survive. Name the subtitle with ONE letter changed. Miss, though we did think of the right series.

4) Historical Figures – The commander of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia likely lost the war due to his frequent potty breaks. Name that historical figure with just ONE letter changed in his last name. This one made us giggle (we are so mature)!

5) Vice Presidents – The 45th Vice President of the United States often yells a warning while playing golf. Name that U.S. vice president with just ONE letter changed in his last name.

6) Movies – The final installment of a Christopher Nolan-directed trilogy focuses on the title character’s love of a certain flower that is often armed with prickles. Give the title of a movie with just ONE letter changed.

7) Retailers – A major retailer in the U.S. uses its marketing slogan “Let’s Talk About What’s Possible” to push its new line of potential male significant others. Name the retailer with just ONE letter changed. A couple of different answers accepted for this one.

8) Disney – Disney’s first African-American princess gets drunk on a mixture of hot water, rum, sugar, cinnamon, and lime juice. Give the title of that Disney film with just ONE letter changed.

9) Artists -The Spanish artist who published an autobiography titled Diary of a Genius has several chapters about his favorite sandwiches. Name the artist with just ONE letter changed. Hint: The persistence of salami.

10) Board Games – In the latest version of Monopoly, one of the two purchasable utilities is now focused on selling thin and crisp cookies. Name that Monopoly space with just ONE letter changed.

Mystery – Billy Joel Songs (Twisted Titles edition):

The correct response to each part is the title of a hit single by Billy Joel with just ONE letter changed. Give the new title based on the new description.

M1) It was nine-o-clock on a Saturday when Billy wrote a hit song about his experiences in a city just north of Dallas

M2) Billy used a string of pop culture references to sing about how he never began watching a certain 2000s HBO series

M3) In 1978, Billy had a hit with a song about Elizabeth Weber Small, although if he had waited several years, it could have been about Christie Brinkley

M4) The first track on his 1971 debut studio album, one of Billy’s early love songs was about the movement of a dog’s rear appendage

Had a bit of a rough go coming up with the last two, but we got all of these correct.

We were in first going into the final and bet it all on this category:

Final Category – Reality TV

The name of a TV series with TWO letters changed:

A reality TV series hosted by Stacy London and Clinton Kelly from 2003-2013 is now creating a scary spinoff about a certain type potatoes.

Every team got this wrong. Oh well! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Al Gore!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – Twisted Titles Theme – Virtual/Streaming – October 12, 2021

  1. Tide With Me, Drew Brews/Brew Brees, Watching Fire, Robert E. Pee, Fore, The Dark Knight Roses, Best Guy/Best Boy, Princess and the Grog, Salvador Deli, Wafer Works
    Mystery – Plano Man, We Didn’t Start the Wire, My Wife, She’s Got a Wag
    final – What Tot to Fear

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