Virtual Trivia Game Tonight…(October 7, 2021)

Me: Dear Father, forgive me – it’s been sixteen days since the last time I did a trivia game (crosses and flagellates myself repeatedly). (Thinks to self – Spectacles, testicles, wallet, watch…what order does that go again? Think back to that scene in Nuns on the Run…think think think – you don’t want to screw this up or else the priest will know you’re a sham Catholic)!

Priest: You could always binge watch Jeopardy!, you know…Oh yeah, there, there – prayer of absolution, yada yada – do some hail Marys and call me in the morning.

Me: Thanks, father. You’re the best!

Yeah, I’m not even REMOTELY religious! Though up until sixteen days ago I was playing trivia games (virtually) pretty religiously. Back in the long, long ago, I went into bars and listened to questions being asked overhead and attempted to answer them! It all seems so strange to think about that now.

Just last night, a bar where me and my trivia team played regularly for years started their live trivia back up. This was at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery (known to locals as the “Corner Brewery”). Back before the plague, it was typical for more than 20 teams to be jammed into the designated trivia room and outlying areas. Last night, there were only nine teams in the room. And I was not curious enough to check it out and take a peek (my husband took a look before he ordered drinks). We instead opted to sit outside on the nice evening to enjoy our beers. We did hear other trivia players talking about the game and saying they’d had a good time.

Good! That’s good! I like that people are going out to do this again. I like that bars are offering it again. I just won’t be among the players doing this for quite some time. I’m not going as far as saying my team is retired from live trivia, because I honestly don’t know. But I like being able to “fly casual.” Sounds better coming from Han Solo.

I like playing just for fun. I like not having to hustle other players to come to games – my husband usually needs little convincing to play the virtual games, whereas sometimes he was a bit more hesitant, shall I say – to play the live games in bars. I don’t miss the disappointment of not having placed in tournaments or winning a tournament spot by playing nearly every week in the same bar every single week. Only to have to scramble to find a warm body to occupy a seat next to you at the tournament. Ugh…I really don’t miss that.

Maybe when 2022 rolls around I’ll think about doing the live games again, but I’ll start out slowly and just bring my husband to games. When he wants to go! When you’ve been married a long time, you learn to pick your battles – and not sweat the small stuff!

We recently returned from a three-night cabin trip and had an absolutely delightful time! I’d love to tell all of you all about it, but that will have to wait! I’ll give just one spoiler – I got to see a ball of garter snakes getting freaky in the grass on a sandy beach! Yes, it was snake sex! No, I didn’t manage to get a good photo. Really – you had to be there!

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