Trivia Recap – October 7, 2021 – Virtual/Streaming

After having taken a more than two-week break from virtual trivia games – mainly because of nice weather – my husband and I decided that a rainy Thursday evening would be “trivia night.” Sporcle’s virtual Stump! trivia quiz, as it were. We were in seventh going into the final, but managed to get the final correct, so we moved up to first! Which would be far more exciting if we were in an actual bar and won some actual prize money, but…we’ll take whatever victories we can get in this plague-ridden world!

Here were our questions:

Round One

1) Characters – Gargamel is an evil wizard who is the primary antagonist of what fictional group of characters?

2) Mascots – Prior to redesigns in 2020 and 2021, which of the following colors was NOT seen on the beak of Toucan Sam, the mascot for Froot Loops cereal—pink, black, red, or green? Miss.

3) Stadiums – Which MLB stadium, the third-oldest currently in use, opened in 1962 and is named after the team that calls it home? We made a noble effort here and guessed Nationals Park, though our host said that Nationals Park hasn’t been the name of their stadium for about 12 years. What? The Internet says otherwise. No matter, it wasn’t correct anyway, our answers aren’t always correct and well, it’s trivia. No crying over spilled trivia!

4) 2010s Movies – This was an audio question. I will turn it into a “words” question: Identify the 2012 western film in which you’d hear this quote:

You ain’t got nothing better to do than to come into Bill Sharp’s town and show your ass! Sheriff Bill Sharp: Now, why do y’all wanna come into my town and start trouble?

Movie quote from our trivia question October 7, 2021

My husband I knew this one right away since it’s one of our favorite movies. And did you know that later in the film when you meet Marshal Gill Tatum, that the actor playing him is none other than one of the original Duke boys from The Dukes of Hazzard? We’ve talked quite a bit about why both of the Duke boy actors couldn’t have been in this film. Was John Schneider busy?

Mystery One

In Order

Place the following children of U.S. presidents in order according to how old they were when their fathers took office for the first time, beginning with the oldest.

Barron Trump
Chelsea Clinton
Sasha Obama
Jenna Bush

I knew that two of these kids were close in age, thankfully Mike remembered how old Barron was when his daddy was inaugurated. Got all of these…

Round Two

1) Words – What is the only 11-letter word in the Pledge of Allegiance of the United States? Yup, two kids who had to say this thing every day when we were in school aren’t going to miss this.

2) Beer – The logo for the New Belgium Brewing Company depicts what mode of transportation, a reference to the name of its flagship beer?

NERD POINT: New Belgium is headquartered in which U.S. state?

Got this for the points and the bonus. I remember about 10 years ago or so when we were on a camping trip in St. Ignace, MI – which is just north of the Mackinac Bridge in MI – I saw a New Belgium semi truck at a grocery store and I got excited (it really is good beer).

3) Comedy – What comedian, whose Netflix stand-up specials are subtitled Baby Cobra and Hard Knock Wife, served as a writer on the sitcom Fresh Off the Boat and was among Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2020? No clue, miss.

Simpsons parody of play in the next question:

4) Plays – What 1947 play has a title taken from a New Orleans train line that ran down Bourbon Street through the French Quarter to the Bywater District? Apparently we weren’t the only team playing that immediately thought of that “Simpsons” episode where Ned played Stanley and was shirtless (you can’t unsee that)! Also, Marge did picked up fried chicken for the family on the way home with “extra skin” per Homer’s request.

Mystery Two

M1) The total number of letters in the first and last names (not including middle initial) of the Halloween character played by Tom Hanks introduced in a Saturday Night Live sketch in 2016

M2) Number in the title of a song from The Sound of Music and also in the title of a song by Tennessee Ernie Ford

M3) The two-digit number that follows “20” in the year in which the United States is next scheduled to host an Olympic Games

M4) The number of the district where Katniss Everdeen lives at the beginning of the novel The Hunger Games

We missed 1 and 3. We were in seventh going into the final with 43 points.

Final – Music TV

What music series debuted on television in 1996 with Ray Davies as the first featured artist?

The show takes its title from a concept used by Davies during a promotional tour for his memoir X-Ray.

This is not normally the kind of final question we’d get correct, but yes, we both remembered this series! We were watching a bit of VH-1 at that time in our lives (forgive us, LOL)!

As always, I’m unsure when we’ll be doing trivia next, but also as always, Go Pods, and stay classy Big Daddy from Django Unchained!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – October 7, 2021 – Virtual/Streaming

  1. round one: smurfs, green, dodger stadium, django unchained
    round two – indivisible, bicycle/colorado, ali wong, a streetcar named desire
    mystery one – jenna bush, chelsea clinton, barron trump, sasha obama
    mystery two – do not have all of these answers – district was 12 and the song title one was 16
    final – storytellers

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