It’s October! Which Means It’s Cabin Trip Time! :)

I haven’t posted much on this blog site lately. I’ve been busy, the weather has been nice, and my shifts at work have been pretty damn tiring lately. Thankfully we have a new hire who seems to be doing well (IKR)? I’m always skeptical whenever we get a new hire, because of the really, really bad ones whom have been sent our way. The last one was a recovering drug addict who lived in a halfway house and, well let’s just say we gave him every opportunity to fulfill his work requirement and get him back on his feet, but that was not to be.

But I’m burying the lede, aren’t I? For those of you not in the “know” about old timey journalism terms, this means “get to the point already!” Yes, I’m leaving for a three night cabin trip today and am taking just a teensy break from getting gear together.

Fall cabin trips have been kind of a tradition for my husband and I since we were married in 1997. In the beginning, the “Kick and Glide Lodge” was our favorite cabin to rent, but sadly, the owners have since sold the cabin and the land and that cabin is no more.

The “Kick and Glide” lodge sat on a little piece of secluded land in Antrim County, MI. Or possibly Kalkaska County…It was a lovely rustic two-bedroom cabin with a kitchen, propane lights, bathroom/shower (generator provided the running water) and a wood stove. The cell reception was fantastic!

My friends and I did multiple rustic cabin trips beginning in the early 2000s, and we mostly stayed in the Southeast MI region. In 2008, my husband and I decided to try a “mini cabin” in Tawas Point State Park and since then, we’ve been hooked! They provide everything we need shelter, electricity, heat and typically a fridge and microwave – and nothing we don’t. They usually sleep 4 to 6 people, but well, let’s say we kind of like to spread out – so the space is “just right!” We use the unoccupied bunks to stow our gear.

Mini cabin at Traverse City State Park – that easy chair was kind of nice!

We’ve rented mini cabins all over the state of Michigan since 2008. Tawas Point State Park is definitely one of our favorite spring/fall places to visit! It’s great for Lake Huron views, bird watching, and occasional encounters with odd wildlife. We’ve seen hordes of frogs, curious foxes, friendly feral cats and a few years ago, a squirrel who looked like an extra from The Hills Have Eyes. Sorry, I did not take a picture of that sad, sickly squirrel – which had to be euthanized by a park ranger.

The weather forecast looks 50/50 on whether we’ll be able to have a campfire tonight. But our backup plan is to bring DVD movies we can watch on the laptop.

It’s October!!! My favorite month of the year – and I don’t even like pumpkin spice!

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