Played Two “Stump” Games Wednesday (September 1, 2021)

We didn’t sign up for a double “Stump” game last night, but because our game we signed up for got canceled, we were put into a two-hour “Stump” game!

Verdict? Not too bad! The format is a little different, and the wagering is different (similar to My Trivia Live’s wagering), but shouldn’t rattle people’s cages too much. But what do I know?

I hope to have a recap of that game posted after work today, but it might take another day or two – so be patient!

I’m hearing some tweaking of the game will happen before it goes “live” on September 7, but again…what do I know? Besides the name of that one Britney Spears song that samples a Hindi song. I’m not sure HOW I knew that, but hey – if you are only going to know a couple of things about Britney Spears’ songs, then one of those things might as well help out in a trivia game!

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