Trivia Recap – August 24, 2021 – Virtual/Streaming

It’s always interesting to sign on for a virtual trivia game and have your host be someone you remember hosting trivia in an actual bar! This time around, our host was Jessi – who used to be based in Southeast MI, but has since moved to Washington, D.C. She deftly handled things quite well when the game she was hosting was virtually taken away from her! We had to sign back in with a different team name (which was the very creative “Pods2) and after just a few minutes, trivia was back on board again. We finished in sixth overall – and flubbed questions about NHL, cities with gay communities and numbers.

Me (in the back) at Cedar Point in 1990. The worst thing about this day was wearing new shoes that had been broken in (oh the blisters)! Read on to learn more about a couple of not nice times I had at theme parks (make sure you are not eating while reading, LOL)!

1) Beverages – What beverage brand was first introduced in 1965 after development by researchers at the University of Florida? I remember the first time I had this stuff. I was at Cedar Point sometime in the early 1980s, and had taken a bus trip with my Girl Scout troop. That’s when I learned that I get very, very car sick while riding buses. After attempting to go on my first ride, I hurled. And continued hurling and dry heaving for the rest of the day in the first aid complex, where I was given a cot in a dark room – and they gave me Gatorade. I’m not quite sure the sugary electrolyte-laden beverage helped my nausea or not (I’m guessing not). That is just one of a couple of times I’ve had to be in a first aid center at an amusement park, the other time was when I passed out from heat exhaustion at King’s Island (it was 114 degrees that day). But those things pale in comparison to having an L bracket from a roller coaster traveling approximately 120 miles per hour fall off and hit you in the head! Ah, amusement parks. What better place for equal chances at joy – and tragedy? And no chances at getting any refunds – no matter how joyless or rainy the day is!

2) Comic Strips – In the comic strip Garfield, what character was originally intended to be named Spot?

3) Court Cases – What 1954 Supreme Court decision overturned Plessy v. Ferguson, ruling that racially segregated schools were unconstitutional?

4) Elements – What element has a two-letter symbol that is the same as the postal abbreviation for the U.S. state known as the “Natural State”?

5) Parodies – Weird Al” Yankovic’s song “Perform This Way” is a parody of a 2011 song by what artist?

6) NHL – What Canadian NHL franchise joined the league in 1970, becoming the country’s third team? We guessed a Canadian team, but not the right one (the one we picked was founded much more recently).

7) Nicknames – Due to his youthful appearance and generally young audience, what radio and TV personality who passed away in 2012 was nicknamed “America’s Oldest Teenager”?

8) Communities – What city is home to Boystown, which became the first officially recognized gay village in the U.S. in 1997? Nope, we guessed Miami.

9) Symbols – Name one of the two birthstones for the month of March, according to the Gemological Institute of America. For a nerd point, name both. We knew one, but not the “other” one.

10) Numbers – When spelled out as a word in English, what number is the only one whose letters are in alphabetical order? Nope…

Mystery – This Day in History

Answer the questions about events that took place on this day in history (8/24).

M1. On this day in 1875, Captain Matthew Webb became the first person to swim across what body of water without assistance?

M2. On this day in 1954, a law abbreviated CCA was signed into law by Dwight D. Eisenhower. What does either “C” stand for?

M3. On this day in 1821, the treaty of Córdoba was signed, establishing what country’s independence from Spain?

M4. On this day in 2006, the International Astronomical Union redefined what word, leading to a notable “demotion”?

Got all of these, which put us in sixth with 57 points. Our final category was:


Modeling? Will this have to do with clay? Model airplanes? Or supermodels? We wagered it all on this question:

Name two of the six 1990s supermodels who are collectively known as the “Big Six,” due to their high modeling fees and level of celebrity.

Turns out we both happened to know quite a bit about supermodels – and would have been able to name four of the correct women. This moved us up a little bit, but not into the top three.

Unsure when we’re playing next – as always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Lady Gaga!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – August 24, 2021 – Virtual/Streaming

  1. gatorade, odie, brown vs board of education, argon, lady gaga, canucks, dick clark, chicago, aquamarine/bloodstone, forty

    mystery – english channel, communist control, mexico, planet

    final – Christy Turlington
    Naomi Campbell
    Linda Evangelista
    Cindy Crawford
    Claudia Schiffer
    Kate Moss

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