Trivia Recap – August 22, 2021 – Virtual/Streaming

The virtual trivia shenanigans continued on a recent Sunday night. It’s still uncertain as to whether or not we’ll ever get a team together for playing a pub trivia game in an actual pub ever again or not. All plans to do so have been put on hold until further notice. Behold my attempt at a delta variant meme, which is actually two memes:

I said, MARK IT ZERO!”

We missed questions about baseball (go figure), though strangely enough, had we gone with the guess I’d come up with at the last second (after Mike had already typed in the answer), I would have known the bonus question answer because of (drum roll) – Seinfeld! More about that in a bit…

1) Mascots – Mac Tonight is a tuxedo-wearing character with a crescent moon for a head who served as a mascot during the 1980s for what fast food restaurant? Thankfully Mike remembered this character, this was completely off my pop culture radar.

2) Singers – Since 1962, who has served as a singer for the Rolling Stones alongside guitarist Keith Richards? Seriously – if you don’t know this, you have no business playing any kind of trivia games! RIP the band member who just died…

3) Animals – Apiculture is the keeping and care of what insects? I like to joke that an apiary should be the name for an ape enclosure instead (I’m very literal that way)!

4) Song Lyrics -In the song “The Time Warp,” featured in a musical and film with Rocky Horror as the title character, what is the instruction in the line following “It’s just a jump to the left?” Mike knew this one because of a college party he’d attended where people were watching the movie…though I did tease him a bit for knowing too much about this movie! 🙂

5) World History – From the early 19th century through the end of the Second World War, Indonesia was a colony of what European country? Cautious guess for low, but we got it.

6) TV Themes – What 1969 animated TV series has a theme song that includes the lyrics “We got some work to do now” and “We need some help from you now?” Was anyone else disappointed that the ghosts weren’t real?

7) Baseball – What center fielder won the AL MVP Award and the Triple Crown for leading the league in batting average, home runs, and runs batted in in 1956?
NERD POINT: What was his jersey number, which was retired by his team in 1969?

We went with a Jewish southpaw player whom would have been active at this time, though at the last second, I brainstormed the guy who would have been correct – and would have known his jersey number (thank you George from Seinfeld, who wanted to use this number as a name for his kid if he had one)!

8) Publications – What annual publication from Geiger in Lewiston, Maine, provides calendars and articles on topics including dates of the full moon, natural remedies, and other outdoor-related subjects?

9) The West – What geographic region on the Arizona-Utah border in the Navajo Nation Reservation is home to the Eye of the Sun stone structure as well as its clearly stratified buttes? Nope, though we put in a guess for a national park that is in this region.

10) In the Kitchen – What kitchen task is more easily performed by using a mandoline?

Myst Song Colors Name the color that fills the blank in each given song title.

M1 – “_ Light” – Released by Lorde in 2017

M2 – “_ Crush” – Released by R.E.M. in 1988

M3 – “Song Sung _” – Released by Neil Diamond in 1972

M4 – “The _” – Released by Chevelle in 2002

Missed #1 and #4. We were in seventh with 53 heading into the final. Which was in the category of:

World Geography

After Argentina and Brazil, name the three next largest South American countries by area. We got this, moved up from seventh to fifth place.

This continent only has 12 sovereign nations, so it wasn’t hard to narrow down once we’d named them all. Including those tiny nations you probably totally thought were in Africa (I’m looking at you, Guyana and Suriname)! I actually played in a pub trivia game where one of my teammates actually tried to correct me when I said Guyana was in South America, when she said “Isn’t that in Africa?” NOPE! Jim Jones taking his People’s Temple cult to Africa would have been quite the undertaking, wouldn’t it? Also, isn’t Eddy Grant from Guyana? Or am I thinking of Billy Ocean (to the trivia rabbit hole I go)…Yes, Eddy Grant was from there! But where was Billy Ocean born (Trinidad, for inquiring minds)! One of the “Caribbean Twins!”

Ah, don’t get me started on Jim Jones and the People’s Temple or else I could talk all day! I wrote a term paper about this in college – way back in the days before the Internets, when your poor eyes would have to scroll through microfiche documents. Wow I am old…

As always, Go Pods – even if it’s just a couple of ‘Pods hanging out in their basement with their mini fridge and board games – and stay classy, Jim Jones!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – August 22, 2021 – Virtual/Streaming

  1. mcdonalds, mick jagger, bees, and then step to the rights, netherlands, scooby doo, mickey mantle, old farmer’s almanac, monument valley, slicing

    mystery – green, orange, blue, red

    final – peru, colombia, bolivia

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