Trivia Recap – Two-Game Format Virtual/Streaming – August 4, 2021

My husband and I have been doing the “double the fun” virtual games the past few Wednesdays nights as a sort of “warm up” for going out for an actual in person trivia game which is allegedly happening very, very soon! It is difficult to make hard and fast social plans in this pandemic-driven world, isn’t it? Remember back when we had regular weekly trivia games with our respective gangs (yeah like we’re that tough, LOL) and then bam – restaurants and bars were shut down and all of that came to an abrupt halt. As Chuck Berry would say, “It goes to show you never can tell!” I don’t know what craziness might happen between now and when we plan to do our “outside world” trivia game. So…in the meantime, here is yet another virtual trivia game recap – we didn’t do very well on these questions, so if you like freeway accidents, start your gawkin’ now!

I took notes during the game on my laptop of all of the questions. However – my laptop became unplugged accidentally before I had everything saved. So all of the questions are based on the very, very brief paper notes I took – which were just the categories and answers. So this is a very, very abbreviated recap (apologies but technical difficulties do happen folks)! Some questions will be recreated wholesale based on the answers.

Game One

1) Geometry – What seven-letter word used to describe geometric angles can also describe a difficult person?

2) Singers – Who sang “The Writing Is On the Wall” in the James Bond movie Spectre? Big miss for us, we picked the singer who did that other Bond song (first sign that this would NOT be our game).

3) Candy- What rectangular shaped candy made by Tootsie Roll features ice covered mountains on its packaging?

4) Reality TV – Subtitle of Survivor season that began in 2013 involving fights between relatives (this was a Facebook host clue if anyone wants to look up the answer)? Whew, glad this question was a freebie!

5) Advertising – Audio clue of insurance commercial featuring that one guy who does all of the movie trailer voiceovers (sorry best I can do for an audio question).

6) Coaches – How many different coaches have the Steelers had from 1969 to the present day? Miss. We used a 10-sided die to pick our answer and that answer was wrong (sometimes the bones lie to you, LOL).

7) Film Pairs – What 1990 film was the first one starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks together in starring roles? Never saw it, but we both remembered it…

8) U.S. History – I actually wrote down this question because it wasn’t in the chat! A room at the National Archives houses the Charters of Freedom – which are three foundational documents of the U.S. which includes the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and what third document? Talked ourselves out oft he correct answer – we thought the correct document was actually part of the second document listed – and we were thrown by the word “freedom.” Miss…

9) Mountains – What mountain range in Greece shares a name with the peninsula on which Greece sits? Miss.

10) Sisters – First name of either sister in the “Sister, Sister” sitcom from the 1990s. Bonus point for both. Nope and nope.

Mystery – Anagrams – Dickens Works

Decipher the anagrams based upon published works by Charles Dickens

M1 – A Six Tot Percentage

M2 – Oak bee Lush

M3 – Soviet Twirl

M4 – Face Iowa Stiletto

Only got 1 and 3 correct. F— Dickens and his stories of pickpockets, poor houses and stupid, stupid alliterative names anyway! And did I just get a little alliterative myself just now? 🙂

We were in last place with 40 points going into the final question about mergers, so based on our lack of knowledge about businesses – we wagered zero.

Match the defunct airline with the company that acquired it.
1. Delta Air Lines
2. American Airlines
3. Alaska Airlines
4. United Airlines
Options: TWA, Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Virgin America

Our “strategic” wager did nothing to our standings whatsoever…

Game Two

1) Measures – 42 gallons equals what measure when it comes to crude oil storage?

2) Territories – Before Nevada became a U.S. state, it was part of what other previous U.S. territory?

3) Computers – Within one, in what year was the original iMac computer released? Get a bonus point for getting the year exact (which we did – Mike still has one of the original iMacs, which he won’t get rid of because it’s the first computer he bought for himself, and because it’s just so darned cute).

4) Harry Potter – What is the alliterative name for the navigational device in Harry Potter books that shows the layout of Hogwarts and tracks movements of others?

5) Sports – What sport was featured in the 2008 film The Express? Made right guess for low.

6) TV Series – Justified and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and one other series I can’t recall were originally aired on what cable network?

7) Military – What is the name of the Naval base on Cuba? This is not even close to the question we were given…

8) Music Theory – What musical term describes a chord played by having the notes played in succession rather than all at once?

9) Logos – What oil company has the Liberty Bell in its logo? Miss.

10) Nicknames – What nickname was given to the famous trumpeter with the last name Gillespie because of his odd and erratic behavior?

Visual Mystery –

Got them all.

This time we were in third going into the final with 60 points. All we had to do was get the final right (ha ha)!

Which 20th-century U.S. president was, at one point, the only living president AND, later in his life, one of six living presidents?

We don’t fail final questions about presidents very often. But we did on this night. And that’s just sometimes how it goes…

We have a virtual game tentatively planned for Friday (waiting to hear from another player about what time works best). As always, Go Pods and stay classy, Richard Nixon!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – Two-Game Format Virtual/Streaming – August 4, 2021

  1. game one
    obtuse, sam smith, andes mints, blood v. water, geico, 3, joe vs. the volcano, bill of rights, balkan, tia and tamera

    mystery – great expectaions, bleak house, oliver twist, a tale of two cities
    final – CADB

    game two
    barrel, utah, 1998, marauder’s map, football, FX, guantanamo bay, arpeggio, pennzoil, dizzy
    mystery – romania, portugal, pakistan, somalia
    final – nixon

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