“Live” Trivia Plans This Week Postponed…

We had planned to play an in-person Sporcle Live game Wednesday this week, but have decided to postpone those plans until who knows when? My husband isn’t quite ready for an in-person trivia game. We’ve played one in person game in another trivia league and found that experience to be a bit…overwhelming (too much too soon) – and have only gradually started to feel comfortable being inside bars and restaurants.

It is almost like learning how to be in the deep end of the pool again. When I was a little kid after months of taking swim lessons, I was STILL too terrified to jump off the diving board and into the deep end. Sure, my parents were a little disappointed, but I just wasn’t ready. Eventually I got more comfortable and confident in the water, but it had to be on my own schedule.

As Morrissey would sing, “These things take time.”

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