Are The Pods Back?

Awright, maybe our first foray into real pub trivia tonight wasn’t very successful (a cashew isn’t a nut, dammit)!

My husband and I stuck to our mid July timeline and went out to not one – but TWO bars tonight! We wanted to wait until two months after our final vax doses to drink indoors publicly. The Powell’s server remembered both of our names after nearly a three year absence!

So…Wednesday July 21 we plan to hit up an old favorite trivia spot – The Owl in Milan, MI! We wanted to pick a day whern as many people could come out as possible. Which team will be the one to beat? We shall see! Does the “good” team play there anymore so we can beat their “pants” off? And how many teams with pants themed names do we have to battle? 😂

Whether we win or lose – or tell the winning team to go fuck themselves (LOL), it feels kinda good to be back in the trivia saddle again! It’s only a matter of time until we win again!

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