First Indoor Trivia Game Since The Plague Hit…Tonight (July 13, 2021)!

Just a couple of us are going OUT for a trivia game tonight for the first time since early March, 2020! So…the first time in 16 months (IKR)? A My Trivia Live spot in our ‘hood is the place we plan to play tonight – and strangely enough – it was the last MTL spot we played before the pandemic bitch slapped the world. It was my birthday (February 11), as I recall – and we won a second place prize that night.

Yup, it was one of those no-good, very bad days today and we want to do something besides sitting outside and getting chewed on by mosquitoes (grrr) or staying in for yet another virtual game.

Don’t expect a recap of the game immediately, I’m pretty much just doing those on weekends now.

See y’all in the next recap!

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