And So Begin My Bicycle Rides to Nowhere…

My new weapon in attempting to get into better shape

I’ve had my new stationary bike for a little more than a week now. It’s not a fancy machine – no Bluetooth – and I don’t have any virtual people yelling at me to get “savage with it.” But it will tell me how far I’ve ridden to nowhere, how many calories I’ve burned in my bike ride to nowhere and how many minutes I’ve been riding to nowhere.

I don’t mean this to sound negative – because I actually LOVE it! I can customize my own workout space – use a small USB powered fan right on the handlebars to blow at my face (thank you parents in law for buying that thing for us – I never imagined I’d use it in this way!), fire up the living room fan on full blast and point it right at me, wear whatever clothes are comfy (though I do think wearing shoes and socks is more comfy than trying to ride to nowhere barefoot) – and I get to choose the entertainment!

When I used to go out for walks, I love listening to tunes on my portable mp3 player. I don’t really like using my headphones while on the cycle, though. I tend to prefer putting something on the boob tube, since it kind of gives me a “goal.” Do a bike ride at least as long as a half hour episode of something I like (preferably including commercials) as a bare minimum. Eventually, I’ll move up to hour long episodes! Mini series? Those might be a ways off!

It’s fun using the little resistance dial to pretend I’m climbing up and down imaginary hills. If I feel I’ve hit the intensity quite enough, I can dial it back.

My only real “complaint” is one that is easily addressed – the seat. I solved the problem by putting a small camping pillow behind my back.

Today, I did a 6.1 mile bike ride to nowhere and about 25 minutes of cycling time. I’ve been trying to add more each time.

In addition to trying to get into better shape, I also hope to strengthen my left ankle – which sometimes gives me trouble after hours of standing at work – and on longer walks. One ankle injury too many caught up with me 😦 Low impact exercise might help me get back into fighting shape.

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