Hello, Again, Hello…(June 5, 2021)

POur me a drink, and I’ll tell you some lies…if you get this neil Diamond Reference, I love you! This photo is from a couple of years ago…but my love of Neil Diamond Never dies!

Hey blog readers/stalkers/followers:

Just a quick note to say that I still love all of you! My husband and I were totally lame in that we didn’t go to a local fireworks display last night – we were both pooped from our respective weeks at work, and weather turned out to be more warm and muggy than we wanted. Hey…game time decision, bros!

I know I’ve been a bad blogger and haven’t been posting things daily. I’d love to blame the pandemic, and well – the pandemic is exactly why I haven’t been posting more blogs! Pandemics aren’t very inspiring!

All of that said, I know the trivia recaps are the gravy of this site, and I’ll continue posting those! In fact, I’ll have one to post on Monday for all y’all.

I also have some blog ideas in the old noodle I’m thinking about posting (yeah, I know, I know)!

Please though – stay tuned and:

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