Fireworks, You Say? Could My Life Be Starting To Become “Normal” Again?

Could being able to watch these be in my near future?

I’ve been fully vaccinated since May 18 – counting the two weeks following my second COVID-19 dose. Though I’m still masking up everywhere in public that is indoors – including my workplace, restaurants if I’m passing through to use the bathrooms, stores, etc. – I’m a little more confident about events/activities in outdoor settings. Though I still carry hand sanitizer with me and try to watch public doorways carefully when I’m walking through them and let other people go first!

Neither my husband or I have felt confident enough to sit inside a restaurant/bar for service yet – even though we’re both vaccinated. We’re opting instead for outdoor service and drive-through as much as possible. We don’t yet know when we’ll be confident enough to go to indoor trivia nights, karaoke nights, etc. We’d both like to see a greater percentage of the populace vaccinated before being that bold. Hey – it’s not like a switch we can just easily turn on and off! We’ve been under lots of lockdowns/restrictions over the past year and change – and we’re only starting to shake off some of those restraints.

But – a public fireworks display this weekend might be just the thing to start feeling like things are more “normal” again. My husband and I plan to go (weather permitting) – and if we’re both feeling up to going out for them.

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