Trivia Recap – Virtual/Streaming – May 20, 2021 (General Topics)

Here were the questions from a general topics Sporcle Live game played on Thursday, May 20:

1. Words – What academic study gets its ten-letter name from the Greek meaning “love of wisdom”? Miss, but we felt dumb when the answer was revealed, since we had thought of both parts of the correct answer (d’oh)!

2. Trade – In February 1994, President Bill Clinton lifted the 19-year U.S. trade embargo on what Asian country? Miss, though we did talk about the right country.

3. TV Endings – Since 1996, what TV show has usually ended with the phrase “Here it is, your moment of zen”?

4. Gum – Introduced in 1984, what was Wrigley’s first brand of sugar-free chewing gum?

5. Dolls – What doll franchise, introduced by Mattel in 2010, features characters inspired by sci-fi, horror, and thriller fiction?

6. Rivalries – Name one of the two Louisiana-based schools that play in the annual college football game known as the Bayou Classic.

NERD POINT: Name both.

Got one, but not both.

7. Actresses – What Academy Award-winning actress plays the lead character, Helen, in the 1998 film Sliding Doors, which alternates between two parallel universes to show how her life would be different if she catches the train or not? I honestly don’t remember if we got this one right or not… oh yeah, we didn’t.

8. Memoirs – What hip-hop artist wrote a 2010 memoir titled Decoded, which covers his upbringing in Brooklyn, the stresses of celebrity, and his rise to becoming a corporate billionaire? Miss, we put Dre because of those headphones…

9. Architecture – Who is the notable architect of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, among many other buildings?

Shelby, the worm that lives in Jake’s stringed instrument on “Adventure Time” that we did not correctly name in the next question…

10. Instruments – In standard tuning, a cello is tuned one octave below the tuning of what instrument? We were torn between two different stringed instruments, and as you might guess, picked the wrong one…

MYSTERY CATEGORY: Initials to Elements

MYSTERY QUESTIONS: Name the element on the periodic table that is represented when reading the initials of the person in each clue as a two-letter symbol.

Give the full name of the element, NOT the person’s name or initials!

Example: If given “Singer who, according to the title of his 1987 hit song, is “Never Gonna Give You Up,” you would answer “Radium,” because Rick Astley = Ra = Radium.

M1. Author of the books Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking and Outliers: The Story of Success

M2. Audrey Hepburn’s character in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s

M3. Winner of a record 13 French Open titles in men’s singles tennis

M4. First American woman to travel into outer space

Missed 3 and 4.


FINAL QUESTION: What actor and actress have appeared together in three feature-length films—a 1991 film directed by John Singleton, a 1993 biographical film that earned both an Oscar nomination, and the 2006 film Akeelah and the Bee?

We knew one of the actors’ names, but not both.

As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Jay Z!

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