Recaps Are Coming!

I’m going to start working on game recaps from the past week in a bit. Sadly, there are only two of them this week – weather was nice, so my husband and I went out for a couple of nights that would ordinarily be spent doing more “virtual” trivia games. It’s definitely a “Michigan” thing to go out and enjoy the weather when it isn’t being a complete asshole!

Ah, but us Michiganders wouldn’t have it any other way! You could need to wear shorts one day – and a parka the next. It’s all part of the bipolar charm of Michigan weather! Packing clothing for trips can be as much of an adventure as the trips themselves – swimsuits, flip-flops, hoodies, winter hats, snow boots, bug spray, sunblock, hand warmers…check!

What else? Oh yes, recaps…see y’all in a bit.

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