Trivia Recap – May 8, 2021 (Virtual/Streaming)

We hadn’t originally planned to do a “general topics” trivia game Saturday night, but since we’d played a music trivia game earlier in the evening anyway – we shrugged and said “Why not?” We’re down here in our basement rumpus room anyway, right?

You know how in some trivia games you make a lot of correct guesses and stuff? Well, this wasn’t one of “those” games! It was one of those games where we seemed to pick Houston when we should have picked Dallas – and Drew Carey when we should’ve picked George Costanza. Yeah…one of “those” games!

There were still a couple of bright spots – we got a Super Bowl question correct and aced the mystery round about chemical element names! Can we get a scratch and sniff sticker for our efforts? 🙂

1. Colors – Name one of the two colors of Crayola crayons available in a classic eight count box that are NOT one of the traditional seven colors of the rainbow.

NERD POINT: Name both.

Got the points, but not the bonus point (we picked white).

2. Science – What is the nine-letter word for the science that deals with the production, control, transmission, reception, and effects of sound? Picked the wrong “sound of science” word that begins with the letter “A.” Oops.

3. Newspapers – The Morning News is the highest-circulation daily newspaper in what Texas city? We zigged when we shoulda zagged. No points.

4. ’90s TV – In a 1996 episode, what sitcom character delivers a line that ends, “these stories have not been embellished, because they need no embellishment. They are simply, horrifyingly, the story of my life as a short, stocky, slow-witted bald man?” Our bad. Drew Carey really isn’t that short – or bald – for that matter. We briefly thought of the correct slow-witted bald man, but clearly not enough to actually put him as our answer. No soup for us!

5. World Capitals – What is the capital of Australia? Yay points!

6. Singers – What R&B singer performed at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s funeral as well as President Bill Clinton’s first inauguration? Yay picked the correct R&B singer!

7. Rings – The largest Super Bowl ring ever created is a size 25 for what man who was 6’3” and 350 pounds as a member of the winning team in Super Bowl XX? Who could forget the “Super Bowl Shuffle?” Not Mike!

Did Bill from Bill and Ted suffer from a psychological complex described by Sigmund Freud?

8. Theories – What psychoanalytic theory, developed by Sigmund Freud, and based on a Greek mythological character describes a child’s desire for their opposite-sex parent and hatred for the same-sex parent? Clearly this guy was disturbed and had a thing for his mom – was this an attempt at a “Mother’s Day” theme question?

9. Golf Movies – What actor released a series of videos in the 1990s titled “Bad Golf Made Easier,” and “Bad Golf My Way” among others? I think a lot of teams missed this one, and being that I’m such a fan of this actor, I’m kicking myself for not knowing that he did these. We guessed Tim Conway aka the “Dorf” guy (as did a few other teams).

10. New Names – In 1901, a building previously known as “The Executive Mansion” was given what new name, which it is still known by? Hint – It’s NOT the “Playboy Mansion!” Though some of its residents may have treated it that way.

Mystery – Elements – Pick ’em

Among the following elements on the periodic table, name the four with symbols that are NOT the first two letters of the elements’ names.


Got all of these correct. Thanks to a tough elements final question in a trivia tournament many moons ago, I thought I’d challenge myself to get better at the periodic table. I didn’t become an expert in it and couldn’t tell you what an atomic number means, but maybe enough of this “studying” hung around in my brain long enough to help us here. Who can really explain how the brain works?

We were in third from last place going into the final with 49 points. Does that sound better than saying we were in tenth out of twelve teams playing?

Although they were born with the last name Stewart, musicians named Sylvester, Freddie, and Rose used what last name while playing with a band that had three #1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 from 1968-1971?

We got it, but so did enough teams ahead of us. But we did move up a couple of notches in the standings!

As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, William “Refrigerator” Perry!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – May 8, 2021 (Virtual/Streaming)

  1. black/brown, acoustics, dallas, george costanza, canberra, aretha franklin, william perry, oedipus, leslie nielsen, white house

    mystery – copper tungsten arsenic platinum

    final – stone (sly and the family stone)

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