Trivia Recap – May 6, 2021 – Virtual/Streaming

Just another of countless nights spent at home over the past year – and this night was called “Thursday.” So the husband and I decided we’d take a break from TV and see how we did in a virtual trivia game. Read on to learn about this super exciting evening at home (LOL)!

1. Holidays – In the United States, what holiday dedicated specifically to the planting and care of trees is most commonly celebrated in April? We had no idea that this holiday was celebrated in April – we thought it was more of a “June” holiday. Nope…

2. World Capitals – What is the capital of Finland?
NERD POINT: In what decade did this city host the Summer Olympics?

We “sort of” got the bonus correct – if you take into consideration the year that this city was supposed to co-host the Summer Olympics with another city (alas it was canceled). But…we didn’t want to quibble with the host about a bonus point question – we just moved on. Canceled Olympics don’t count, canceled Olympics don’t count (repeat until you remember)!

3. ’80s Movies – In addition to the title character, what 1989 film has characters named Hoke, Boolie, and Florine? Never saw this movie, but we guessed the right one.

4. Wine – André and Carlo Rossi are brands of wine available from what California winery founded in 1933 by brothers Ernest and Julio?

5. Eating – What eight-letter term related to food consumption is derived from the Latin meaning “all-devouring”?

6. TV Jobs – On the TV series The King of Queens, what is the occupation of both Doug Heffernan and Deacon Palmer? Clearly we never watched this enough to know this answer. We vaguely remembered the characters wore uniforms, so we guessed “Cops?” Nope…miss.

7. College Football – Of the Power Five conferences, which one has never won a game in the College Football Playoff, with zero wins and four losses as of 2021? Miss, not our wheelhouse.

Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday is May 24! Have you picked out a present for him yet? 🙂

8. Song Lyrics – What 1965 single opens with the lyrics “Once upon a time you dressed so fine; You threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn’t you?”

9. Politicians – Senator Tim Scott, who delivered the April 2021 Republican response to President Biden’s address to Congress, has served which U.S. state since 2013?

10. Books – What is the last name of Ramona, the main character in a series of eight novels by Beverly Cleary? RIP Beverly Cleary (she recently died and was older than 100).

Mystery Round – Twisted Titles

The answer to each clue is the name of an element on the periodic table with just ONE letter changed. Give the new name based on the description.

For example, if I said “The soft metal with atomic number 29 is named after a book and movie character who lives with a number of penguins,” you would answer “Popper,” which is one letter different from “Copper.”

M1The noble gas that shines bright red or orange when placed in an electric field is named for the middle of the day

M2 – The metal with atomic number 50 may have been named for Gordon’s or Tanqueray

M3 – A violet liquid when it melts, the element with atomic number 53 is named for a family of race car drivers that includes Brett, Geoff, and Todd

M4 – A country in the Middle East lends its name to the metallic element with atomic number 26

Final Question Category: Emmy Awards

Final Question: Since Toni Collette won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for playing Tara on United States of Tara in 2009, four other actresses have won the award for playing named title characters.

What a great night to wager nothing on a final like this! Only one team managed to get it correct (for the record we guessed one correct actress and knew which show another correct actress starred in and won the Emmy). So we finished in second (yeah baby, we’ll take that)!

As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Bob Dylan!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – May 6, 2021 – Virtual/Streaming

  1. arbor day, helsinki, driving miss daisy, gallo, omnivore, delivery, like a rolling stone, south carolina, quimby

    mystery – noon, gin, bodine, iran

    final – edie falco, melissa mccarthy, rachel brosnahan, phoebe waller-bridge

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