Holy Hell! I Found A Celebrity Bio That Didn’t Bore Me!

I’ve learned that I’m not very good at reading celebrity biographies. Two I tried to read – My Life as a Pretender (about singer Chrissy Hynde) – and Wonderful Tonight (a Pattie Boyd bio) – both failed to keep my attention after about 50 pages or so. I’m sure it’s not the fault of the ladies themselves – and I’m sure their lives are interesting enough to read about! And I actually did enjoy reading about the childhoods of both women – Chrissy Hynde walking to downtown Akron with her friends before the interstate was built – and what’s NOT exciting about living in Africa and having large game animals wander into your home (which was described in Pattie Boyd’s bio)? I was riveted! I thought her childhood was very, very interesting – but once she hit it big with her modeling career, met George Harrison, yada yada…

I didn’t want to read anymore. And I have no explanation why. I returned the book to the library. Similar thing with Chrissy Hynde’s book – once she grew up, started hobnobbing with sleazy rock stars, doing drugs…I didn’t want to read anymore. Granted, it was interesting that she happened to be a student at Kent State when “that” big event happened – and I would’ve loved reading more about that. I honestly didn’t care who she slept with to get where she was or what the f— drugs she shoved into her body.

A few days ago, I rummaged through some bags of books that I “plan” to donate sometime. And found a book that I decided I didn’t want to donate. And it’s about this guy:

Good thing to read when you’re lying low after getting your second COVID shot!

I had somewhat of an “ulterior” motive for reading the book – and that is a blog I’m planning to post sometime soon about my husband having met a celebrity when he worked for a metro Detroit advertising firm. Well, let me clarify – he didn’t meet an actual “celebrity,” but he met a celebrity’s father. A father whom has stayed largely out of the limelight, and as the Internets are telling me (and believe me – they aren’t telling me much) he is still among the living even though he MUST be in his 90s by now.

I enjoyed the book so much I’ve already borrowed its “sequel” from the library, which is called Hail to the Chin. Yes, the celebrity father he met does have a connection to Mr. Bruce Campbell. And I will reveal it all when I finally get around to writing that blog (I have started it). I wanted to finish after reading the Campbell stuff to see if I could glean any “info” from those books. So far, I haven’t found too much information about the dad in those books (boy when you want to stay out the limelight)!

I don’t want to reveal too much! All I’m going to ask is…

No, he didn’t meet Dweezil Zappa’s father!

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