Dose Dos Tuesday!

My husband and I get dose two of our Pfizer vaccine shots tomorrow.

We’re not planning on going too crazy after getting our second doses. Both of us want to be able to really visit our parents, and we have a trip planned later this month (five nights, baby)! But we still don’t plan to visit bars or restaurants for indoor service, attend large gatherings or start licking all of the public door handles anytime soon. We’ll be keeping an eye on how things go in the COVID ridden place in which we live before we drastically change any of our routines.

We “may” even have a small gathering of friends at our house for a midsummer’s party! No more than 10 people, including my husband and I. For “Tall Girl Appreciation Day.” Which is on the longest day of the year (Summer Solstice). But nothing is etched in stone yet.

In other news, we finished FIRST in a virtual trivia game tonight after wagering nada on the “popular TV” final question. We’ve never finished first in a virtual game by wagering zero on a final question! Clearly there were no cheaters in that game.

I really like the host we played with tonight. When someone made so much noise coughing they sounded like they were coughing up a lung, she waited patiently – for a couple of seconds – then announced she was muting everyone. Nice… I wish I had the power to mute everyone else when they became annoying (without having to resort to duct tape)!

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