Trivia Recap – Virtual/Streaming – April 29, 2021

Thursday night was one of many, many rainy nights we’ve had this week, so we decided to mix things up and use the name “Rainy Day Trivia #12 and #35” in a virtual trivia game. Some of you might already know that’s a Bob Dylan song reference – specifically his “Everybody Must Get Stoned” song. You have not REALLY heard that song until you’ve been to a music festival where a good number of the attendees are, well, getting stoned – and hearing a bunch of hippies loudly singing this song from inside their smoke-filled travel trailer. Once you associate this song with that memory, there is pretty much no other way to remember this song! Oh Wheatland Music Festival memories…

Not really much was memorable about the trivia game itself, though we were in first going into the final, so woot? Just to keep us from getting too excited about that, we missed the final, but…shouldn’t have. Why did I not remember the significance of 2012 in that final question (more about that if you read on)!

2. Nicknames – Which Southeastern Conference university uses the nickname Wildcats? Nope, the two of us not sporty enough to know this one.

2. 1990s Films – What actor stars as big-city doctor Ben Stone, who finds himself temporarily located in a rural town due to a single-car accident, in the 1991 film Doc Hollywood? Never saw it, but boy was it advertised a lot at the time.

3. Agencies -What does NLRB stand for, in terms of the federal agency founded in 1935 that protects employees’ rights to organize and to prevent unfair practices committed by employers?

4. Authors – What Russian-born author, known for her mid-20th-century novels, developed a philosophical system called Objectivism? The trivia host Aisha asked which of us had actually read anything by this author, and I chimed in, “Yeah, I read Anthem in high school, but don’t ask me what it’s about.”

5. Instruments – What instrument was jazz musician Count Basie best known for playing? We’ve gotten questions about him wrong before, but that didn’t happen on this night!

6. Bones – Of the hammer, anvil, or stirrup, which bone in the human ear is the malleus ?

7. Companies – What company makes the Ironman brand digital wristwatch?

8. Stage to Screen to TV -What 2004 play that features a family consisting of the characters Leroy, Cora Jean, Will, and others, was the basis for a 2008 film and TBS sitcom of the same name that originally aired from 2009-2011? A whole lotta nope…

9. Architecture -The 36 columns that surround the Lincoln Memorial are rendered in the style of which classical Greek order? Mike was all over this one.

10. U.S. Cities -After Juneau, name one of the three northernmost U.S. state capital cities.
NERD POINT: Name two of those three cities.

We named two, but not all three.

Mystery – This Day in History

This musical will be asked about in a bit.

Answer the questions about events that took place on this day in history (April 29).

M1. On this day in 2011, a man with what first name expanded the House of Windsor by marrying the woman currently known as the Duchess of Cambridge?

M2. On this day in 1992, the controversial acquittal of police officers who assaulted Rodney King sparked riots in what city?

M3. On this day in 1429, Joan of Arc led a French force in relieving the city of Orléans from British siege during what war?

M4. On this day in 1968, what musical premiered on Broadway and closed with the song “The Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In)”?

Got all of these. And just to be topical, I listened to music from the musical in #4 on Spotify while working on this recap. Wow, I didn’t know they mentioned masturbation in the lyrics! Guess that shouldn’t be surprising, but that was probably very shocking at the time. The word “orgasm” is also in the lyrics. What are you waiting for? Go and listen to this right now! Want more convincing? There’s a song called “Sodomy,” too!

We were in first with 58 points going into the final. Don’t worry – the final question will humble us!

Women in Music

In 2021, Taylor Swift became the second woman to have eight albums appear simultaneously on the Billboard 200 chart.
Who is the only other woman to have earned this feat, having done so in 2012, though her most recent studio album release was in 2009?

Why oh why did I forget about the woman who was found dead in a bathtub on my birthday in 2012? Clearly I was too focused on the year 2009 and not the year I SHOULD have been thinking about. Another missed final (shrugs)!

The top two teams were in a tie for first and had to
According to a 2015 Musixmatch analysis of 93 of the best-selling musical acts since the mid-20th-century, how many total unique words did Whitney Houston use in the lyrics of her 100 songs that contain the most words?

Well, that was a fun way to do “indoor recess.” As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, those hippies in Hair!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – Virtual/Streaming – April 29, 2021

  1. U of Kentucky, Michael J. Fox, National Labor Relations Board, Ayn Rand, piano, hammer, Timex, Meet the Browns, doric, bismarck,helena, Olympia;

    mystery – william, LA, 100 years war, hair

    final – whitney houston

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