A Plague-Style Family Get-Together…

Thanks to my college age niece, whom will be skiing with Michigan Tech at the 2021 NCAA National Collegiate Skiing Championships at the University of New Hampshire in the coming days…

I got to see some members of my family in person for the first time since 2019! They all ordered some pizza from Aubree’s and had a little dinner “al fresco” outside before my brother and sister-in-law had to hit the road for Cleveland, where they would be staying in a motel en route to New Hampshire. Because of the COVID restrictions, they couldn’t travel through Canada, which would have been a shorter trip. My niece was already in New Hampshire (she flew there with the rest of her ski team).

My brother and sister-in-law made a stop at my folks’ house in Ypsilanti Township Tuesday afternoon, and me and my husband stopped by. We all hung out in the setting sun on my parents’ deck. While I didn’t get photos of people (who wants to see photos of people in masks), I did take a couple of other shots!

My “real” camera would have been able to zoom in on these ducks better…
View of Martz Road heading west

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