Trivia Recap -Virtual/Streaming – March 10, 2021

Answers will be in the comments (as soon as I paste them there):

A couple of us signed up last minute to play a Sporcle Live virtual game Tuesday night. We wound up in fourth after the final, had 51 points going into the final. Here were the questions:

1. Book Characters – What is the first name of the title character in a 1964 novel who is the fifth in a group that also includes Augustus, Veruca, Violet, and Mike?

2. Stars – Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, is located in a constellation that represents what animal?

3. Bodies of Water – What sea gets its English name from a phenomenon whereby sandstorms from the Gobi Desert turn the surface of the water a certain color? Big miss, we picked the wrong color. But really…color of water – and skin – isn’t really supposed to matter these days, is it?

4. Fast Food – In what decade did Wendy’s first introduce a vanilla-flavored Frosty after more than 36 years of only offering chocolate?

A question about this movie is coming up…

5. 1990s Movies – What 1997 film directed by and starring Kevin Costner takes place in the year 2013, after a post-apocalyptic event has decimated the world and destroyed most technology?

6. Rock ‘n Roll – What guitarist has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice—once as a member of the Yardbirds, and once as a member of Led Zeppelin?

7. War History – What Japanese city was the target of the SECOND atomic bomb dropped by the United States on Japan in August 1945?

8. Golf – What famed Scottish golf course has hosted the Open Championship (British Open) more times than any other course, most recently in 2015? Miss, we put “Loch Ness Monster Downs” or something like that…

9. Records – In 2014, who did a non-stop, 34-hour weather forecast on NBC, setting a Guinness World Record?

10. Mythology – Name EITHER the legendary founder of Rome OR his twin brother, whom he killed following a disagreement.

NERD POINT: Name both.

Both of these share names with cities in Michigan. No surprise they are kind of far apart from each other!

Mystery -NBA Teams

M1. Of the four NBA franchises with team names ending in “T-S,” which one plays its home games farthest west?

M2. Of the three NBA franchises with a “V” in their team names (NOT location names), which one has won the NBA title most recently?

M3. Name both NBA franchises with a double “Z” in their team names.

M4. The NBA’s Southeast Division includes the Magic, Wizards, and three teams with names beginning with what letter?

We actually got two of these correct! We picked a “ts” team for number one, but it wasn’t the one farthest west. We also picked a “V” team, but not one that won most recently (we tried)! I had to “shush” Mike when I was trying to think of the double z answers, he kept coming up with ridiculous suggestions like “razzle,” “dazzle,” etc. Though those might be good WNBA team names!

Final Category – Film Duos

Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara have appeared together in four films directed by Christopher Guest. Name three of those four films.

Mike and I love movies directed by this guy, and we love this duo, so this was an easy one for us. We would have been able to name all four of these, though in reality, we really only liked two of these movies. This put us in fourth after the final. Too bad we blew that question about the sea for big!

We’ll be throwing our hats in for the “Anchorman” trivia Friday night. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, LeBron James!

One thought on “Trivia Recap -Virtual/Streaming – March 10, 2021

  1. 1. charlie

    2. dog
    3. yellow
    4. 2000s
    5. The Postman
    6. Jimmy Page

    7. Nagasaki
    8. St. Andrews
    9. Al Roker
    10. Remus/Romulus
    4. H

    Final: For Your Consideration, Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, Waiting for Guffman


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