Good News on the COVID Front!

Soon I’ll be able to check off my parents – and my husband’s parents – off the COVID-19 vaccination list!

My dad, who worked part-time for U of M, was called in fairly early to get his vaccine and able to get both doses of vaccine as of last week. My husband’s parents both had their first dose last week, and finally next week – my mom gets her first dose!

My brother and I have both been concerned about my mom being able to get her shots, and we’re all happy she’s finally going to get shot #1 (even if she isn’t thrilled about going in to get pricked).

It’s hard to be too hopeful about things in these dark times, but my husband and I both really want to be able to “see” our parents and families. Last year, short outdoor visits were the only way we saw my folks, we couldn’t get together for lunch or dinner on my birthday with my folks, and we had to meet my husband’s parents in a campground on a camping trip to see them last August. Thanksgiving and Christmas we did family Zoom meetings and didn’t have any get-togethers. Being able to just see my damn parents (and other family) has been on the top of my “What will you do when things go back to normal after the plague” checklist. Being able to safely see my family is more important to me than going to a bar/restaurant for indoor service (yes, really), getting a professional haircut, more than going to a movie theater, more than going to a Mexican restaurant and getting chili con queso. That last line item is actually pretty high on my wish list! Mexican food is so much better as an in-person meal than as a take-out meal. I actually bought some white American cheese and plan to make chili con queso soon!

I know it’s supposed to be a parent’s job to worry about the kids, but my husband and I were both very, very worried about when our folks would be able to get their vaccines. And I like having at least one less thing to worry about!

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