A “Pretty Sweet” Pandemic-Style Birthday Today…

I met with some friends/family virtually in a trivia game tonight, got to see my mama for a minute when she brought over homemade chocolate chip cookies, and had some yummy takeout food for lunch today. All in all, it was…pretty good!

The “Nashville chicken” sandwich (aka spicy chicken) sandwich with steak fries. Messy, but so, so good!

Friday night, we’ll pick up some takeout pizza and play some board games, and Saturday is the trivia game…the one we get to cheat at (who knows how THAT will go)!

Special thanks to everyone who made me feel loved today! And I enjoyed watching two movies featuring actor Leslie Nielsen (whom was my birthday twin while he lived) – Airplane!, and From the Files of Police Squad – The Naked Gun.

Every single time I watch Airplane! I see something I missed before. Today, I saw a bout of fencing on the plane when melee ensued (one of the participants was one of the Jive talking men, can’t remember who the other guy was). Yes, they were actually fencing! As if they could bring them on the plane!!!

And on that note, good night! Happy pandemic birthday to me!

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