Trivia Recap – Virtual/Streaming – February 11, 2021

WE GOT A NBA FINAL QUESTION CORRECT IN A TRIVIA GAME THURSDAY NIGHT! I didn’t want to bury the lede, so I wanted to get that out of the way. Woot?

Yes, it’s totally true! We didn’t have any “sporty” players in our mix (old friend from high school, more “recent” friend I’ve met in my trivial pursuits, and a couple of family members) in a virtual game Thursday. Silly us, we actually decided NOT to wager any points on it. We were acting in accordance with the ‘Pods playbook, after all!

A virtual Sporcle Live trivia game was still a fun way to celebrate Leslie Nielsen’s birthday, and to reminisce! Michelle hadn’t seen my brother since…my wedding in 1997? So there was a bit of catching up to do.

Here were our questions:

1. Stores – What German-owned supermarket chain operates Trader Joe’s, as well as its namesake store, in the U.S.?

2. Superstitions – The Curse of the Bambino was a superstitious curse said to affect the fortunes of what pro sports team?

3. Rivers – Name two of the three U.S. states that meet at the point where the Wabash River flows into the Ohio River? Miss, we got one correct state, not two.

4. Computers – Within two, in what year did Apple first launch the iMac line of computers?NERD POINT: Get the year exactly correct.Got this exact (we happened to have one of these sitting in the home office in which we were doing the trivia game)!

5. Grammy Awards – What record producer has won 28 Grammy Awards, more than any other living person?

6. Nursery Rhymes – In the English nursery rhyme “Sing a Song of Sixpence,” how many blackbirds are baked in a pie?

Is it Kunta Kinte, or is it Toby?

7. Book to TV – What 1976 novel by Alex Haley was adapted into an Emmy Award-winning TV miniseries that aired the next year? Us Gen X kids were all over this one…you had to have been living under a rock to not have been exposed to this if you were a kid in the 1970s.

8. Animals – A Komondor is what type of animal? Clearly we needed Brad for this one!!!

9. Government – 24 Sussex Drive is the address of the official residence of the head of government of what country?

10. Theme Songs – In 2020, what artist released the single “No Time to Die,” which is the theme to the upcoming James Bond film of the same title? My brother said, “I used to know this, but I’ve forgotten it.” Though a bit of chattering, we somehow stumbled on the correct guess, yay!

Mystery – School Websites

Identify the colleges/universities using the following URLs:

M1. Big East Conference –

M2. Southeastern Conference –

M3. Atlantic 10 Conference –

M4. Mountain West Conference –

We missed #4.

We were in fourth going into the final with 59 points.

Final Category – NBA History

Of the 11 cities that had teams that season, three no longer have teams. Name one of those three cities, which were home to the Steamrollers, Bombers, and Ironmen.

The 1946-47 season of the Basketball Association of America is considered by the NBA to be its first season of competition.”Ironmen” was enough of a clue for us to get this right…though we wagered zero (it was the first time we’d ever wagered zero in a virtual game and it will likely be our last, LOL)! We talked about putting a ridiculous joke answer for this question since we wagered nothing, but I said, “No, let us at least have a moral victory if we get it right.” Sometimes I get a little bossy during games (LOL)! After we had our answer turned in, I sent a message to my trivia buddy without any internets services at his home (just a smart phone), and he backed me up on my guess.

Had we wagered all of the points, we would’ve just ended up in fourth, which is where we were going into the final. No big…Stay tuned, I’m sure we’ll have another recap posted here soon enough! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Billie Eilish!

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