Trivia Recap – January 9, 2020 (Virtual/Streaming)

My regular “trivia pardner” and I signed up last minute for a virtual trivia game Saturday. We’d spent a lovely afternoon earlier in the sunshine (yeah, we were very confused and confounded by the glowing yellow ball in the sky and decided it would be fun to give it a closer inspection by sitting in its glow and drinking beers outside). As you might imagine, an afternoon of day drinking didn’t necessarily translate to trivia glory in the evening (but that’s OK)!

Here were the questions:

1. Sandwiches – What three ingredients are represented in the name of a BLT sandwich? Really?

2. TV Episodes – With the exceptions of the first and last episodes in the series, what two words begin the title of every episode of Friends? Ya know a question about “Friends” is WAY too easy if I know it!

3. U.S. States – There are four U.S. states with names that begin with a consonant and that alternate consonants and vowels for the entire length of their names, one of which is Texas. Name two of the other three.NERD POINT: Name all three. We got two, but couldn’t think of the third one (we’ll blame an afternoon of day drinking on that flub, LOL)!

4. Books – What author and TV host wrote the 2016 autobiography Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood? No idea…our first miss (but not our last).

5. Products – Cohiba, Montecristo, and H. Upmann are brands of what product?

6. Bands – The original lead guitarist for KISS went by the name Ace in order to avoid confusion with what other band member, with whom he shares a first name?

7. Real-Life Movie Couples – What actor dated Jennifer Aniston for over a year after co-starring with her in The Break-Up?

The answer to the next question is in this image from “The Simpsons.”

8. Home Runs – What MLB player hit the most home runs during the Clinton presidency and led the American League in home runs four times during the same time? Miss, we went with Mark McGuire. Sometimes when I step into the shoes of “sports guy” in trivia games I’m successful, but…not this time!

9. Dogs – Contrary to its name, the Great Dane is a dog breed that originated in what country? Mike had the right “instincts” here.

10. Deals – What French leader sold the Louisiana Territory to the United States in 1803 in order to fund his military? Duh…

Twisted Titles – Sports Edition (YIKES)!

The correct response to each part is the city/state and team name of a professional sports team with just ONE letter changed. Give the new name based on the description. (For example, if the question asks, “The team that quarterback Jim Kelly led to multiple Super Bowls is named for the city’s natural changes in elevation,” you would answer “Buffalo Hills,” which is one letter different from “Buffalo Bills.”)

M1. The East Coast WNBA team that plays at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville is named for the pleasure and enjoyment they experience while playing

M2. Roberto Clemente and Willie Stargell are among the all-time greats for a National League team named for a system of exercises developed by a man named Joseph

M3. The NHL team that once played in Minnesota before moving south is named for a Game of Thrones house that features members named Ned, Arya, and Sansa

M4. Drew Brees quarterbacks the NFL team named for substances used by an artist

I think we got the last two of of these correct (don’t remember).

I wasn’t really paying attention, so I don’t remember how we were doing heading into the final. Not that great! Also I didn’t have the tablet, so I didn’t see the scores (I don’t think I would’ve wanted to see them)!

Final Category – Bands

U2, Union Station, The Chicks, and Pat Metheny Group are four of the five groups that have won at least ten Grammy Awards. What band founded in 1994 is the fifth group?The band’s 12 wins include four for Best Rock Album.Since this was a Grammys question, we instinctively put down a band we hated (LOL), but sadly, it wasn’t the correct band (which for the record we don’t hate THAT much). So…nope. Movies trivia game tonight! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Ken Griffey Jr. (don’t drink the nerve tonic that Mr. Burns tells you to drink)!

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