Lost Recap – January, 7 2014 (From The Wayback Machine)

Editor’s note: I found this old question set in my Facebook memories. It was shared with me by a friend who played this trivia game (sorry no answers). I’ll put in my guesses for the answers (whether they’re wrong or right).

Game one

1. What cable tv network used the slogan “grab life by the globe?” No idea…I’ll guess Discovery?

2. Name the two bones in the leg between the knee and the ankle. Tibia/Fibula?

3. Give number of states that border Wisconsin. Let’s see, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois (I’m so crappy with this category). Since I’m always off by one, I’ll say five? I’m probably wrong…

4. Who painted “The Vase with 15 sunflowers.” Whom else painted sunflowers besides Van Gogh? Yup, I’m famous for missing questions about paintings, too!

5. Who wrote the poem (that was later set to music) about the war of 1812 titled Defense at Ft. McHenry. Francis Scott Key is my guess.

6. What type of vehicles are flatheads, knuckleheads and shovelheads? No idea. My husband probably knows this one. Construction vehicles?

7. Audio what 1987 movie sequel was the song “Shakedown” by Bob Seger from? Beverly Hills Cop Part Deux.

8. City that hosted 3 of first 5 super bowls….facebook clue Miami? No idea.

9. Name any year that Russian ruler Ivan the Terrible was alive. Thirteen something something? Dunno…

10. Name of the Miley Cyrus album that has Wrecking Ball on it. Nope, nope, nope.

Mystery “V” movies

M1. 2008 movie starring Tom Cruise as a member of the Nazi party

M2. 1988 Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage rip off of Freaky Friday

M3. 1998 movie with Christian Slater and Cameron Diaz about a bachelor party gone wrong. Very Bad Things (aka Very Bad Movie).

M4. 1982 starring Julie Andrews as a cross dresser – Victor/Victoria. How progressive of a movie was this? Now transgender stuff is no big deal!

Final – Baseball MVP’s

Name the oldest MLB franchise that has never had a regular season MVP award winner. They still play in city where team was established. No idea, not my category.


Name the 8 symbols that appear above the numbers 1-8 on a standard computer keyboard. Well, I’m using a keyboard right now, so it’s not fair for me to guess, is it?

Game Two

1. Name largest country that the equator passes through. I’m a gonna say Brazil.

2. Sauce on eggs Benedict. Hollandaise?

3. Name tv show that ran for 271 episodes whose finale last line was “sorry we’re closed: Cheers?

4. 1963 Kingsmen song whose lyrics are unintelligible that was investigated by FBI for possible profanity references (not sure of exact wording…but is there really another Kingsmen song??) Duh Louie Louie.

5. Name the NBA team that plays at American Airlines Center I’m guessing Raptors.

6. Name the person from Greek mythology named after a plant whose name is used to describe someone fixated on themself. Narcissus?

7. Inventor of steam engine. Fulton? Watt? Something Mike or Brad probably know better than me.

8. Name the star of the 1997 movie Beverly Hills Ninja. Chris Farley. For a portly guy, he sure could move like a mf! Must’ve been all that coke.

9. What city were Olympics in where Mary Lou Retton won her 5 medals. Los Angeles

10. Country (not France) where Marie Curie was born. Poland?

Mystery – Visual

Not going to put my guesses for these…have fun!

Final- Presidential History

Name the play Abe Lincoln was attending when he was assassinated.

I know this, but not going to put my guess…let the readers have a chance!

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