I Cry For My Country Tonight…

Today, a bunch of insurrectionists stormed – and breached – our capitol building in a bid to protest what can only be described by numerous sources as a fair election. I honestly don’t have the right words for this. But I’ll do my best.

Where is the Mossad? What better agency to hunt down and bring to justice a bunch of Nazis than this Israeli squad of paramilitary bad-asses? Are they busy right now? If not, well, I’m sure I could give them a big job to do in my country right now!

And what the hell has happened with our country? Peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters got put down with tear gas last summer – and these assholes were virtually shown the doors to the inside of the national Capitol when they showed up to do whatever the fuck they were doing today. Wrong, wrong, WRONG! I’m an open minded person. I can tolerate opposing political points of view. But I can’t tolerate this. This is treason, plain and simple. We have executed people for treason in the past. Let that sink in for a bit…

I didn’t vote in what I believed to be a legitimate election only to have it overthrown and overtaken by some Papa Doc wannabe who wants to run a banana republic. If there are any real “legit” problems with the election that the other side can prove, well, then SHOW THEM. Prove them. Otherwise, shut the fuck up and step aside for Joe Biden, the guy whom was elected by the majority of our citizens, assholes.

Good night!

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