Watching “Letterkenny” Has Inspired a Blog (Coming Soon)…

Watching the dynamic between the two “hockey bro” characters named Reilly and Jonesy on the Canadian TV series “Letterkenny” has inspired a blog! I don’t know when I’ll get around to posting it, but the wheels are turning!

What’s the subject? Bro duos throughout history and also from pop culture.

Sitting at home so much may leave me with some time on my hands (when I’m not cooking or cleaning, lol), but hasn’t exactly been “inspiring.”

In other Canadian TV series news, I’ve just started digging into “Murdoch Mysteries” on Hulu. Why, it’s like a Canadian old timey ” Forensic Files! ” I think I’m in love…

Other than that, the most exciting thing i did today was remove snow from my car this morning and move it into the car hole

And that’s all she wrote today, good night everybody!

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