Help! A REAL Trivia Challenge…

My friend Angie W. on Facebook has asked me for help in uncovering what is a very, very tough trivia question, and I’m wondering if any of my blog readers/followers can help:

What movie featured the Bill Medley song “I’m No Angel” in the opening sequence?

We’ve both tried chasing down this answer on the Internets already. This is all she could provide as a clue:

I see an outside scene with a teenager or younger person (not a child) on a skateboard or something like that. It’s dark. I was wondering if it’s Jumpin’ Jack Flash. I don’t think so. But….

Angie, describing a mystery movie

Here’s all I know – the original Bill Medley version of this song was released in 1982, so the movie would have had to have been released after that. However, she doesn’t seem positive that the Gregg Allman version of the song wasn’t the one used in the movie, so…there’s that.

If anyone knows anything, please comment! Or find some other way to connect with me telepathically (LOL)!

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