Figures I’d Pick A Snowy Day To Start Afternoon Walkies Again…

We’re getting some light snow in my ‘hood today, and it’s also the day that I’d take my first “solo” fitness walk in a few months. Nothing really exciting to report, it was 3.5 miles and it took a little under an hour to finish. I only saw one other human out walking when I was walking. No dogs, no critters, nothing…

My tentative “plan” is to go out for walks 4-5 days a week. Do a minimum two-mile walk on days that I work (I work on my feet so I’ll make it easy on myself), and longer walks on days that I don’t work (between 3.5-5 miles). Just trying to get into a little better shape, and colder weather is a perfect chance for me to do it – I’d much rather bundle up and walk in the cold then go out walking when it’s warm/hot.

As always, music was my companion on my walk! Tracks from New Order (Perfect Kiss), nine inch nails (March of the Pigs, Kinda I Want To, We’re in this Together) and K.C. and the Sunshine Band (Get Down Tonight) all came up on shuffle, as well as Walter Murphy’s Night on Disco Mountain. Disco tunes are always good for keeping me steppin’!

The only other “exciting” news today – if trivia excites you (LOL), is a virtual ’90s music trivia game later this evening. Honestly I don’t know why I get invited to play ’90s music trivia games! I think Kim just worries they might ask a random question about The Cure, U2, nine inch nails or Depeche Mode! I’m really only any good on ’90s music questions before 1992, I didn’t listen to a lot of “mainstream” stuff outside of that time frame.

Oh well, Kim usually knows 99 percent of the answers on ’90s music trivia night! This will be a chance for her to feel like a smarty pants!

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