Just When I Thought I Didn’t Miss Going To Pub Trivia Games… (Oh the Warm ‘n Fuzzy Teamwork Memories)

I was commenting on a friend’s post about movies last night when I SHOULD have been trying to get to sleep (more about that in a bit). The movie being discussed was the 1973 prison movie Papillon. Which brought to my mind a trivia game from last year – when one of my teammates Brad – who pretty much NEVER is the go-to guy when it comes to movie questions – turned out to be superstar on a final question we had about Papillon. Here was the question:

The 1973 film Papillon was remade in 2017, with both films featuring characters named Henri and Louis. Name any two of the four actors who played the roles of Henri or Louis in these films.

I seem to recall he knew at least one of the 1973 actors right away, but was drawing a blank on the second actor. So I started to “question” Brad – “Was the guy dark haired? Light haired? Tall? Short? Thin? Fat?” Once he told me that the guy was a brunette, he also told me that he wore glasses, and was kind of “nerdy,” and eventually remembered that he was short. I was brainstorming names of actors who were contemporary at the time, then I happened to say the right actor’s name:

“Dustin Hoffman?” Brad confirmed that he was “probably” the guy. As it turned out, he WAS the right guy! Way to “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee,” Brad! “Papillon” means “butterfly,” so yes…that’s what I did there. I couldn’t stop talking him up for having been the hero on a movies final question! You can read a recap of that game here: https://wordpress.com/post/hebontheweb.blog/22810

Yes, it was a “team” effort, but all I did was help provide the “assist,” he earned the points – he got the glory!

This isn’t the first time Brad (and others on my team) have managed to put our heads together and wind up getting important questions correct. Another time that happened was in 2015, when our final question was about actresses who had played girlfriends of Jerry Seinfeld on the TV series “Seinfeld.” Again, it was Brad and I teaming up with success – Brad is a virtual expert when it comes to that series, but he’s not the go-to guy when it comes to Oscars (there was an Oscars component to the question). Here was the final question from that game:

Throughout the TV series Seinfeld, Jerry had quite a few girlfriends and/or women he dated. Sixty-six to be exact. However, only one of the women that played Jerry’s love interest has won an acting Academy Award, doing so in the 1980s. Name this actress.

Long story short, Brad was the one quizzing ME that time! He started naming actresses, and I had to say “yay” or “nay” as to whether they were correct. By the time he said “What about that deaf actress?” I said “Yes, that’s it!”

You can read a recap of that game here…https://wordpress.com/post/hebontheweb.blog/816

Yes, I do miss those “warm and fuzzy” trivia teamwork moments in real pub trivia games! It’s just not the same when I’m meeting friends for a Zoom call and doing the “virtual” trivia.

I’ll let Snow White do the rest of the talking (or singing):

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