Trivia Recap – Tim Burton Films – (Virtual/Streaming) – October 29, 2020

Editor’s note: No answers for this game recap…I didn’t write them down or record them (most should be fairly easy to look up).

“As far back as I can remember, I’ve been a fan of Tim Burton films.”

Well, that’s partially true (raise your hands if you spotted my Goodfellas reference there)! I’ve been a fan of Tim Burton films ever since I was about 13, when Pee Wee’s Big Adventure was released in theaters. I was SO into this movie that I wound up seeing it about four more times while it was still in theaters! I loved it all – the goofiness, the absurdity, the dark humor, the visuals, the dialogue (did any of you know that the late Phil Hartman was credited as a screenwriter)? I also went equally fangirl for one of Burton’s other films – Batman – four years later (saw that one a few times when it was in theaters too).

These days, Dark Shadows is one of my favorite Tim Burton movies to watch again and again. Other ones I own and enjoy watching include Sleepy Hollow and Beetlejuice.

Sadly…being a fan of some of Tim Burton’s movies doesn’t mean that you’re going to do very well on a set of trivia questions about his movies! That proved to be the case Thursday night when my husband and I signed on to test our knowledge on a set of Tim Burton movies trivia questions. By the time we were done, we felt nearly as hangdog as Pee Wee when he learned – after a cross country trek – that there wasn’t a basement at the Alamo (a fortune teller named Madame Ruby had told him that his bike could be found in the basement of the Alamo).

Yeah, that look kind of sums up how we felt after trying to answer some of the tough, tough questions about Tim Burton’s movies!

1. Fun Places – What is the name of the circus/theme park that is owned by V.A. Vandevere in Dumbo? No idea…I put down Monty Python’s Flying Elephant Circus as a guess…

2. It’s Art – After Edward Scissorhands cuts the neighbor’s poodle’s hair, the neighborhood women come over to get their dogs’ and their own hair groomed. A topiary of what animal is behind the table at which Edward grooms the dogs? Mike suggested the right answer here, but we only got it for 2.

3. Tucker and Esther are the parents of what character? We incorrectly guessed Charlie Bucket.

4. Music – Who sings the version of the song “Indian Love Call” that features prominently in one of Tim Burton’s films? Took a minute, but we came up with the right guy (though we didn’t know that was the name of the song).

5. Animals – In Frankenweenie, in addition to Mr. Whiskers holding a bat and becoming a cat/bat hybrid, there are four animals that are experimented on by Victor’s Edgar, Nassor, Toshiaki, and Bob. Name three of those four animals. Mike actually saw this movie, so I “think” we got this right… (I wasn’t paying attention).

6. Fighting – What war is Edward Bloom drafted into to fight? Knew the movie, didn’t know what war we guessed World War I.

7. Awards – Name either Tim Burton-directed film that has earned multiple Academy Awards, one for Best Supporting Actor and Best Makeup and the other for Best Art Direction and Best Costume Design. Yay, I knew both of these (but could only put one for the answer).

Most of my knowledge of The Planet of the Apes is based on the Simpsons episode where they did a Planet of the Apes musical…

8. Characters – The captain of the Oberon crashes into the planet Ashlar in 5021 and is purchased by what character? And…all teams flunked this one. We put “Dr. Zaius” as our guess.

9. A main character is mentored by Dominic Cooper in what clandestine activity? No idea whatsoever…would not have even thought of this movie (wasn’t directed by Burton, but it was produced by him).

At this point, my computer got wonky and I had to reboot! Go figure the next question would’ve been one I would’ve aced…(technical difficulties)!

10 Alice Nunn, who has over 50 screen credits to her name, is likely best remembered for her role as whom, who tells a title character about the worst accident she’s ever seen?

Mystery – Song Lyrics

Identify the missing lyrics from the following song snippets:

1. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: “Try the friar; fried, it’s drier.” “No, the clergy is really too ___ and too ___.”

2. James and the Giant Peach: “My name is James. That’s what’s mother called me. My name is James, so ___ ___ ___.”

3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: “Augustus Gloop! Augustus Gloop! The great big, ___ _____”

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas: “What’s this? They’re hanging mistletoe. They kiss. Why that looks ___ ___.”

A whole lotta nope for that mystery round… we had only 29 points going into the final! But we weren’t in last place!!!

The good news is we pulled a “Meat Loaf” on the final question (you know – two out of three ain’t bad…isn’t that one of his songs?) Tough, tough question – only one team would get it correct.

There are nine performers who are credited in at least four films directed or co-directed by Tim Burton, including Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. Name three of the other seven performers. Note: This only includes acting and voice roles, not crew or production roles.

We got two of the right actors (I felt super smart by picking the only movie/sequel combo directed by Tim Burton and picked two actors from those movies), the third actor we picked was in only a couple of his movies. Damn…I did think about Lisa Marie, who was one of the correct answers (she was Tim Burton’s longtime girlfriend before he met Helena Bonham Carter).

Unsure when we’ll be doing a game next….as always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice (see what I did there, I just summoned him)!

Have a happy Halloween, everyone!

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