What Happens When You Let Gale-Force Winds From Lake Michigan Give Your Hair a “Blowout?”

Just got back from our annual fall “Up North” adventure about a half hour ago, so I’m just now making a vain attempt to catch up with social media. It was actually nice to be away from it for a few days! We kicked it super old school by listening to a weather report on the radio when we were in the car – and also listened to some news updates (no good news of course).

I’ll be sharing more pics/stories over the next day or so, but in the meantime, here are some photos from our trip:

I usually wear a hat or hoodie when I’m out in high winds, but this time I let nature take its course! Here I am on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan near Manistee, MI.
We had rough weather our third night of the trip, so we had a “night in” with movies on the laptop.
Blueberry, raspberry lime hard seltzer. It looked like swamp water, but was quite tasty!
A sunset view from a non-stormy night
I LOVE this ugly hat – which I’ve had since 1994…

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