I May Not Be Able To Move Mountains, But I Just Moved a Beastly CRT Monitor!

There are dark sides of working from home. Specifically – in my case – having a spouse who has been working from home since 2003.

Please don’t ask me to explain why on earth we’ve had his 19 inch (based on the diagonal screen measurement) Sony tube monitor since that time. I think it weighs at LEAST 60 pounds. I’m speculating it contains some bricks from the Berlin Wall.

We probably could have just turned it back in to his office and let them deal with it when he was first upgraded to the nice light flat screen monitor. But for whatever reason, that didn’t happen. It has been with us through three different moves of house. I think maybe my husband upgraded to a flat screen monitor while we were living in the second of those homes.

Last week, he learned that he will be getting a new iMac. He wants to keep the old one to use for streaming movies in our basement “rumpus room.” I told him if he wanted to hang onto yet ANOTHER OLD MONITOR (ahem), that we would HAVE to get rid of the old ‘n busted ones first. So I took to the Internets to find out who would help us make the things disappear. Answer? Staples. I need some compressed air to clean my keyboard anyway, so I can pick some up while we’re there. https://www.staples.com/sbd/cre/marketing/sustainability-center/recycling-services/electronics/

Just now – when I was down in the basement tending to laundry, I was feeling perky enough to move the monitor. Well, “perky” is a relative term when you’re on the wrong side of 40 I was pretty “leisurely” all day yesterday, so yeah…I didn’t bother telling my husband (who has arthritic hands) that I was undertaking this endeavor. I knew if I did, he’d try to “help,” which would be of no help…(it’s really a one-person job).

It was sitting on top of a metal two-drawer filing cabinet with a Lions jersey draped over the top of it (interesting, they are playing on TV as I type this). I disconnected the power cord and the SCSI cable. That is an important plot point. A “scuzzy” cable! When did they stop becoming the standard fare for computers/peripherals – and be replaced by USB cords instead? Steve Jobs got the ball rolling when he released the 1998 iMac with USB, read more about that here: https://www.fastcompany.com/3060705/an-oral-history-of-the-usb

My husband still has a 1998 iMac that he refuses to get rid of. Honestly, it’s so cute that I wouldn’t ask him to (first computer he owned on his own). It is sitting under a small end table that he uses for his scanner in his office, so it’s not taking up any “valuable” real estate at the very least. I’d like to find a more decorative way to use the cute thing, but that project will have to wait! I saw that someone on the Etsy web site was making coffee tables out of them. They are also selling kits to convert the things INTO little coffee tables! That might be a possibility…https://www.etsy.com/listing/660797389/apple-imac-g3-table-conversion-kit?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=imac+table+conversion+kit&ref=sr_gallery-1-1&organic_search_click=1

Photos or it didn’t happen? Behold the monitor sitting on the floor in my living room (proof I got the damn thing out of the basement):

I just took two ibuprofen just to be on the safe side of potential pain!

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